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4 lessons learned with COVID-19 impact: it’s time to retool your telecom sales approach

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The telecommunications industry is at the forefront of the information age. It’s able to deliver voice, data and video at an increasing speed and in an increasing number of ways. It’s one of the sectors with the greatest capacity for innovation and adaptation. And the telecom sales approach needs to keep up with it. But too often is much of a traditional one, with many bureaucratic, exhausting, and time-consuming tasks. Infinite cold-calls, emails and meetings. Preventing from focus in what really matters: stay up to date with new offerings and trends, select where to invest, rapidly put the products in the market, ensure scalability and guarantee clients’ satisfaction – for future upsell and cross-sell. Are you still stuck in the past or have the tools you need to sell more quickly, profitably and effectively? According to the new reality we are living in?

Yes, the new COVID-19 reality. That brought new scenarios, new challenges, but also new opportunities. There are some lessons learned with its impact. Based on these months of experience, we have chosen four of them to help retool your telecom sales approach.

  1. Remote work is here to stay – and represents a huge potential business

COVID-19 has demonstrated the critical role that telecom infrastructure plays in keeping companies, governments, and societies connected and running. With a surge in the traffic of data and voice, this sector is performing really well compared to others. Remote work and social distancing (more people doing more things via digital channels) are driving unprecedent demand for networking infrastructure, connectivity, resiliency and reliability. According to several studies, the former status quo will no longer return, with a hybrid-working environment expected to emerge – and this is a great opportunity for telecom sales.

  1. IoT adoption is rising massively– take advantage of it

“Almost 84 percent of IoT adopters found that the technology was key to maintaining business continuity during the pandemic”, reveals a Vodafone’s 2020 IoT Spotlight research. The same research also says that “the majority of adopters now view the integration of IoT devices with workers as a higher priority, and 73 percent agree that the pandemic will accelerate their adoption plans.” Help them in this journey!

  1. Treating customers like a long-term asset – do it more than ever

We are now more emotional and demanding, valuing who invests in win-win relationships. Viewing and treating customers like a long-term asset strengthens your business substantially. In fact, Bain research has found that customer loyalty leaders across all sectors increase revenue 2.5 times faster than industry peers and will deliver two to five times the shareholder returns over the next decade.

  1. Your buyers are online. And you? – exponentially scale and expand your reach with a new sales channel

How to take advantage of this even bigger digital world “imposed” by COVD-19 and optimize your telecom sales approach? With a centralized and specialised telecom marketplace! In a blink of an eye you can create a new sales channel to have immediate access to new markets and new customers. Everything in one single place, saving time, money and ensuring a safe experience. With it, you will be able to show your products, make promotions, receive requests for quotations and answer to them through an intuitive and ready-to-use platform. Not even having to worry about logistics and payment management, which leaves you with more time to focus in strategic activities. Growing your client’s portfolio in a simple and fast way, accessing a network full of telecom product buyers and scaling your business like you never dreamed to be possible.

At Twoosk, we are here to help you leave the complex telecom sales approach in the past, and close deals quicker. Count on us to transform threats like COVID-19 in great opportunities for your business. In 3 simple steps:

  1. Create a seller account – Create your account and receive a starter pack with instructions and tips to get started.
  2. Account approval – Send all the required documentation, to confirm your access to the marketplace as a seller.
  3. Start selling – Add the products you want to the marketplace and start selling.

It all starts here.

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