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Telco Marketplace advantages in an increasingly digital and data-driven world

telco marketplace advantages

Consumer behavior is always changing and evolving. However, in recent years we have witnessed significant changes in the business world. We have seen an acceleration in the adaptation of online shopping, an increase in the need for omnichannel strategies, consumer demand for more sustainable solutions, expectations of faster, safer, and more efficient processes, and so on. In fact, according to McKinsey & Company “Availability, convenience, and value are the strongest drivers of new brand purchases.”

Mckinsey study
Source: Mckinsey

Companies should adapt to these changes so that they can survive in an increasingly competitive environment. A successful business must always adapt to the changing world. Managers must work on strategies to build a strong and lasting competitive advantage and make periodic reviews of the strategy so it can fit into the current market context, which is constantly evolving. And this is where one of the challenges lies, the ability to detect the signs of change and adapt quickly and efficiently to the market circumstances.

The digitalization of telco businesses 

Now let’s look at the telecom industry. The telecom industry continues to make progress in expanding its network capacity with additional fiber and wireless deployments to meet the constant demand for higher-speed networks. The need for good quality and competitively priced equipment, faster purchase processes and reliable partners can be the key to the rapid rollout of network expansion projects. To overcome these challenges telecom companies are starting to look for new approaches and discontinue their traditional buying and selling processes, to make their work faster, more efficient and deliver projects on time or meet their selling goals.

Twoosk Marketplace was created exactly to help telco companies overcome these challenges and evolve the B2B telco industry according to the trends of the digital era. Twoosk brings together professionals from all over the world, allowing manufacturers and distributors to develop their business in the online world. While offering the installers, contractors and operators access to a variety of products and suppliers, allowing this way a successful implementation of telecom projects.

Advantages of a more digitalized buying process

Compare for yourself the advantages of digitizing the purchasing process in the telco industry through the marketplace:

  • Search for potential suppliers from all over the world with a variety of products in one single place, that can be accessed from anywhere at any time of the day. There is no need to wait days for a reply from usual suppliers.
  • Forget several emails or phone calls to contact a supplier, at the marketplace it’s possible to contact potential suppliers through a few clicks and have all the conversation history saved in one single place.
  • Save time by stopping asking RFQs through several emails and summarizing the replies in a spreadsheet. At Twoosk products can be compared between different suppliers immediately, the delivery times are available to check by any user, and it’s possible to make lists of products needed, edit them, and proceed to the checkout with ones that best suit the needs of the project.
  • If the decision to purchase is made by several colleagues, it’s possible to add all of them to the Company Account, and all will see the same information.

Advantages of a more digitalized selling process

When it comes to the advantages for manufacturers and distributors, check below how the marketplace can be useful:

  • Display products on a platform visited by hundreds of telco professionals daily, where products are always available to buyers in one single place, anywhere, at any time.
  • Raise awareness and increase the digital footprint of the company through several integrated marketing services provided by Twoosk team. Avoid spending time and money creating an online shop or hiring a marketing team. Sellers will find a lot of solutions in the marketplace, simply by being a partner.
  • Immediate access to new markets, and the possibility to grow the client’s portfolio in a simple, secure, and fast way.
  • Establish new partnerships safely, receive messages from prospects and negotiate with them directly in the marketplace with all the conversation history saved in one place.

Whilst the market is continues evolving, it’s Twoosk mission to connect telco professionals and help them adapt fast and efficiently to the trend of online shopping and digitization in B2B. I hope this article was interesting for you, no doubt the marketplace will be a help either for a seller or a buyer when defining the competitive strategies in an increasingly digital and data-driven world.

Visit Twoosk Marketplace to know more about our business model and create your buyer account or discover more about selling on Twoosk through these links.

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