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5 Reasons Why You Should Sell Telecom Products Online

5 Reasons Why You Should Sell Telecom Products Online

In the past decades, the digital world has been growing continuously and becoming more and more part of our day to day lives, which includes how we do business and acquire our goods. With this, digital transformation has been impacting all the sectors in the global market, including the e-commerce sector.

The e-ecommerce sector, being based on digital, is constantly changing as the internet evolves. With it, in various industries, selling tendencies have changed, making companies adapt their businesses to e-commerce. Only in these past few years, from 2017 to 2021, according to statistica, the number of e-commerce users in Europe has grown from 390.6 to 501.8 million. With this continuous growth, it is expected to have 564.4 million of users in european market by 2025.

B2B e-commerce is not an exception to this tendency. According to the International Trade Administration, from 2017 to 2021, in B2B e-commerce in Europe, the value of goods sold online grew from $679 billion USD to $1.1 trillion USD, and it’s expected to reach $1.8 trillion USD by 2025.

How did the Sales Process Change in Telecom?

The B2B market is growing in the e-commerce world, and so is the Telecom market.

As changes started happening in the habits of consumption in the B2C sector, we learnt that, specially in younger generations, that consumers are starting to prefer buying online rather than offline.  It is faster, cheaper and time-saving. With this habit changing in their personal lives, it’s only a matter of time that the same will happen on their professional lives, which means that the B2B sector needs to start catching up to the tendency.

In the telecom market, we already have various manufacturers selling online, either in their online stores or in marketplaces. Boarding in digital transformation has made the sales process simpler, making telecom products available to buyers at any time, in one single place.

Online shopping has made possible for the B2B sector to ditch the physical catalogs, the time wasted on phone calls, etc., as now it’s possible to do everything online. To learn more about this subject, read our article How Digital Age is Transforming the Sales Process in Telecom?

Why Should You Sell Telecom Products Online?

There are many reasons why you should consider selling your telecom products online, such as:

  1. It increases your reach and brand awareness.
  2. Makes it possible to grow the scale of your business to a global level, allowing you to reach new markets and new costumers.
  3. Being online, your products are available 24/7, making it possible for clients to visit and explore your products at any hour of the day, any time of the year, as they’re not limited by the commercial team’s labor hours.
  4. You can get customer data insights, as selling online allows you to track almost everything, which leads to better data driven decisions.
  5. It can improve customer experience and service, as you can make help centers and support teams available.

How can I Sell Telecom Products Online?

One of the best options for selling telecom products online is selling on a marketplace like Twoosk.

Being on a marketplace instead of an online shop can do much more for your brand awareness but selling specifically at Twoosk Marketplace can elevate it further. At Twoosk, you can display products on a platform visited by hundreds of telco professionals daily, in one single place, at any time; have access to new markets and grow your client’s portfolio; and even establish new partnerships safely with conversations within the marketplace.

For further information on why you should sell on Twoosk, click on the following:

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