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4 Tips to increase consumers trust in online shopping

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The digitalization of the world is accelerating, and every sector is adapting their businesses to this new world. Online shops are one of these examples, that are emerging since having only an offline shop means losing lots of potential buyers, however if your costumers don’t trust in online shopping, you will not get the benefits of the digital.

Having an online shop means nothing if e-shoppers don’t trust on you and don’t feel confident to get your products. “According to 99Firms’ Ecommerce Statistics for 2020, the ecommerce market is not only thriving, but it’s expected that more than 95% of all purchases to be conducted via ecommerce by 2040.” Source: Ecommerce guide

This means that if you want to drive your ecommerce business into success, you must offer credibility in various ways to your costumers. But how?

Have a good costumer service

“84% of surveyed consumers said that customer service was one of the key factors helping them decide whether to buy or not from the company.” Source: Zendesk

Costumer service must be accessible to every costumer, for them to have less doubts and to be more confident on the purchasing process, resulting in more trust in online shopping.

But the customer service does not finish with a purchase. You should continue to give support  to your clients by helping them to use the products they have bought and solve their problems if something doesn’t work as expected. Also, use your insights to give your customers valuable information they want and need.

Offer credible payment methods

E-shoppers fill more confident to buy in online stores that offer payment methods that they feel familiarized with. Due to the information required in the payment page, trust is really important on that step. Take in consideration the most well-known payment platforms and which ones your customers know well.

Have trust and quality certificates on your website

Make a research on which associations and entities offer trust and quality certificates, know how you can get them and add them to your website header or footer so that customers can see it.

Give access to legal information

E-buyers are becoming more aware of the dangers of internet and are educating them more about the digital world. This means that they are also more aware of the information that a trustful online shop should have and usually look for it.

Make sure you have clear and transparent legal information like Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, or even Return Policy.

The goal here is to have your costumers to be more connected with you and increase the trust on your business. Engaged customers are more loyal and spend more. So, provide advice and valuable content to online shoppers, so that you can be seen as an expert of your area and a trustful company.

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