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How to Stand Out as a Salesperson

How to Stand Out as a Salesperson

Sales is a complex world where prospects are constantly being impacted by other salespersons as well. The challenge is not only to win people’s trust by helping them to recognize a problem and offer the solution for it, but also to make them understand that you are the best choice to help them. That is why it is so important to find ways to stand out as a salesperson.

Selling is becoming harder, according to salespersons

“More than 60% of salespeople also believe that selling is getting tougher than before. While a variety of reasons like changing consumer expectations and growing competition are in part responsible for this, experts also indicate a prudent use of sales technology can make all the difference in today’s environment.” Source: 99firms

Give people options

Asking people if they prefer a meeting today or tomorrow is better than asking them when they want to have a meeting, for example. You are not only decreasing the chances of people not wanting to have the meeting but also giving them solutions that they would have to take more time to think about.

Don’t lose your client’s trust

Commitment is the key when building trust with your clients. Every time you compromise to do something, it is a chance to show that you are trustworthy.

If you say that you are going to send that presentation tomorrow, just do it. Prospects may not remember but as soon as you contact them with what you promised, they link with you.

Look for common interests

It may look obvious but looking for common interests before starting a conversation will benefit the relationship with the prospect. You can look for some information by searching it on that person social media pages or on its personal blog.

It doesn’t mean that you have to find something that you both have in common but to find something that is valuable for that person, to create more confidence.

Don’t depreciate competition

To become a stand out salesperson, you don’t need to depreciate competition, in fact, people tend to trust more in sellers that don’t even talk about competition except if you are making a comparison to add value but without criticizing your competitors, obviously. However, it is better if you show the ability to sell your product or service by itself.

Show the benefits of your product or service

Giving information about what your product or service does is easy but showing its value to costumers is way more difficult.

You must sell the benefits and not the features of your product or service and for that, you need to study prospect’s pains and needs and develop a pitch according to it. Good practices even say that you should customize your pitch according to the needs of each person.

Always be authentic

Being something that you aren’t doesn’t work anywhere if you want to be successful. To stand out as salesperson, you need to be authentic.

Have a regular conversation instead of always using your pitch. It will turn conversations more enjoyable and people will have more interest and give more of their time to listen to you.

Being yourself isn’t bad and although some people being afraid of showing their personality, you can trust that people will relate more with you.

Knowledge is your best friend

You need to stay current on everything regarding your sector in order to be a better salesperson. Knowledge gives you confidence and enables you to share unique and relevant insights about your product or service. Also, by showing your expertise about the sector, people will trust more in what you are saying.


More than giving information to prospects, it’s important to listen to them. Ask them questions so that you can take lots of insights to help you in closing a deal.

Close the sale but don’t “close the relationship”

If you think that closing the deal means forgetting the costumer, you are totally wrong. Giving support to when people are starting to use your product or service is crucial for the customer to realize value quickly and to buy with you again more easily.

Do you have more tips to stand out from other salespersons? Share with us in the comments.

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