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What changes will the coronavirus lockdown bring to work?

coronavirus lockdown

The coronavirus lockdown brought a new way of working that most people was not familiarized. Staying at home became a necessity and adapting to new online tools to communicate with work colleagues and clients became a must.

Post coronavirus world will not be the same with the changes that the lockdown brought to teleworking but have this way of working become a trend that came to stay? It is thought so, and companies that embraced enthusiastically these changes will feel the benefits of it. However, the ones that resist probably will face more challenges.

More teleworking

After coronavirus lockdown measures, most people will not be willing to return to the routines of everyday going to the offices, after finding out the balance enabled by intelligent use of technology.

Probably Governments will keep recommending teleworking in order to maintain the social distancing, while there is no signal of a vaccine to coronavirus, so it’s better for businesses to adopt as soon as possible to this post quarantine world of remote working.

This will be much more than video-conference tools that must have enhanced cyber-security infrastructure that supports many connections from all types of devices. People must be prepared to the possibility of another lockdown and they must be prepared to give access of the needed information to workers by other type of software’s and cloud services.

These new software’s and cloud services may be really expensive, so how could companies have funds for that? What about giving up on the big and expensive offices since workers will be able to work remotely? Especially because for now, they will remain with few workers at offices.

Adapt your products and services

Companies must adapt as soon as possible to the new needs of their clients. Some products will have a drop on demand, while others will have an exponential surge, especially in technology areas. Services that adapted quickly to this new reality and that can offer fast solutions to a large scale of clients all over the world.

What about services that can’t be made through teleworking?

The perfect scenario was having everyone working remotely but some businesses don’t have the possibility to leave the offices. Companies that require workers at the offices may have to consider health screening measures. Governments and health authorities could help by imposing rules and laws for these situations, since it is a big concern of societies.

Finally but not less important workers and clients need too feel confident again before becoming to offices and technology is a helpful tool to implement the necessary measures.

Is your company putting in place actions and initiatives to adapt to the post lockdown world? Share with us.

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