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6 Effective Sales Prospecting Techniques for Telecom Professionals

Effective sales prospecting techniques

Sales prospecting is the first step of the sales process, that helps salespeople to develop a quality database and to achieve that, sellers need to use effective sales prospecting techniques.

Thanks to connectivity and digitalization, information is more available than ever, which helps customers to be more informed that have ever been.  That is a new challenge to telecom sales professionals, that need to find new ways to make prospects trust them and be their first choice.

That is why it is so essential to start with a quality prospecting process. If you find good prospects which pain points are met by your product or services, closing sales becomes easier.

What Is Sales Prospecting?

Sales prospecting is the process of identifying potential customers, also known as prospects, that match the ideal customer profile to your business. It is all about reaching the best prospects, with the objective of driving them through the sales funnel until closing a sale. However, closing a deal will not be possible if you don’t use effective sales prospecting techniques.

That is why we are sharing now 6 effective sales prospecting tips for being more successful in your prospecting process.

  1. Warm Up Your Cold Leads

Start by introducing yourself and to let the prospect become more familiarized with your company, before sending the first email or making the first call. You can do this by being more active in social media and commenting on the prospects content or even by being introduced by other people in an event.

Try to make some research on telecom events and choose the ones that may be interesting to find your potential buyer. Events from the sector are really good to make new connections.

  1. Quality is better than quantity

Having lots of leads means nothing if they don’t have quality. Developing quality leads takes lots of time however, it will compensate when the sales team try to close deals. Quality leads not only increase productivity but also increases the chances of closing sales faster.

Start by analyzing who is your ideal client profile by identifying the top prospects for your products or services.

  1. Sell without selling

Before starting to sell, you must create trust and build relationships with prospects. If as soon as you contact them you start selling, they will feel under pressure increasing the possibilities of giving up on the sales process.

Find some common interests or share some news from the telecom sector to start the conversation. This way, the prospect will feel more comfortable to share information with you.

  1. Use social media as part of your strategy

If you are not using social media to achieve prospects, you are missing a powerful tool. Participate in discussions and comment on posts to build relationships and stay aware of possible interactions that people may be having with your brand through social media.

Also, know that “Prospects are also open to communicating with sellers at industry events (34%), via LinkedIn (21%), text (21%), voicemail (21%) and social media (18%).” Source: Hubspot 

Social media is also full of groups that may be from your interest. Try to search for telecom groups and be active there, sharing your knowledge or just participating in discussions. Soon or later you may find opportunities with some members of the groups.

  1. Consistency is the key

The process of prospecting should be consistent, which means that you should create a routine by setting a block of time of your day for prospecting.

Since prospecting is considered difficult and kind of a “boring” job for most of professionals, variating the activities may be useful tip. Prospecting is not all about contacting people by phone you can find different ways of looking for potential buyers by being present in channels where they are.

Start your own blog, a YouTube channel or even create your own social media posts with valuable content for prospects. This way, prospecting will become more fun.

  1. Get referrals

A different way to get more quality prospects is by asking your clients to recommend some of their contacts. They may have partners or colleagues that will find your products or services interesting for their businesses.

Prospecting is changing however there are basic techniques that you should follow to have success. It is in your hands to follow these tips and adapt them to your business, in order to get a quality database.

If you find these tips interesting, share them with your friends and colleagues from the telecom sector!

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