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Will Ecommerce Businesses Collapse Due to the Coronavirus Crisis?

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No doubt that buying online is a more secure way of getting goods due to the actual situation of coronavirus and people are more and more choosing the safety of the online purchases however, ecommerce businesses are already starting to feel the difficulties of maintaining stocks.

The increase of demand, with the aggravating factor that a large portion of products comes from Chinese suppliers, that are struggling to get back on track, is bringing lots of constraints in getting stocks and consequently, delivering them just on time.

Travel and sports related online businesses are having a decline in sales but online groceries, cleaning supplies and health products are having an increase in purchases at ecommerce platforms.

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For these businesses that are struggling to respond to the increase of demand, the Ecommerce Europe association left big advises: transparency and information.

“(…) Proactively manage consumer expectations and address their potential frustrations and fears”. People are living a stressful moment where they don’t know if they will get what they need or even if the products that they are getting, come in safe conditions. By always being as sincere as possible with the consumers, we can help reduce the frustration of them and improve the generalized difficult situation of ecommerce businesses. That work needs to be managed by all ecommerce companies directly and associations related to ecommerce.

This association even proposed some measures to the EU leaders, so that ecommerce businesses have the needed support during this crisis. The proposes include:

        Giving priority to essential transport, in order to ensure economic continuity. This includes products such as medical goods, food and emergency services.

        Temporary restriction on non-essential travel to the EU for 30 days, where are excluded doctors, nurses and people transporting essential goods.

         Protection measures, including financial to guarantee the proceed of operations, mainly to SMEs.

Source: https://www.ecommerce-europe.eu/

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