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How a Telecom SME Managed to Meet its Purchasing Needs Online

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The urgent growth of digitalization brought several opportunities for society, and in the professional side, things were not different.

Telecom industry is one of the sectors that is starting to give the first steps in direction of digitalization and although all the struggles to do it, there are companies working on helping telco companies to adopt digitalization in a more efficient way.

Today, we are sharing the example of Sousa Pinheiro Telecomunicações, an integrator, installation company and ISP owned by Mr Rui Pinheiro in Chaves, in southern Portugal, that started is journey towards digitalization by finding Twoosk B2B Telecom & Datacom marketplace.

Between the variety of the product, the competitive prices and the feedback and guidance. Sousa Pinheiro Telecomunicações felt safe when they bought their equipment describing Twoosk service as “honest and exemplary”. Mr Rui went so far as to say, “when you buy with Twoosk you don’t need to worry.”

Know more about the experience of Mr. Rui Pinheiro with Twoosk, in the video below.

The Challenge

As an SME, Sousa Pinheiro Telecomunicações needed to source equipment at prices that didn’t punish small order quantities and could solve their specific purchasing requirements,  in the middle of a challenging situation, with Covid emerging and the world locking down to weather the storm.

The question of how an SME can manage to meet their purchasing needs online and source all the equipment, hardware and infrastructure that they require in such a situation presented a significant predicament. This is what had originally caused Sousa Pinheiro Telecomunicações to go in search of a new supplier, to quickly find a variety of products such as cable, fibre, both active and passive equipment, routers and more at an attractive price. Even with the pandemic making purchasing processes harder, Sousa Pinheiro Telecomunicações needed to work with a vendor that they could trust to ensure that they were buying products that were of great quality, at a competitive price.

Ultimately Sousa Pinheiro Telecomunicações turned to Twoosk B2B Telecom & Datacom marketplace to solve their equipment purchasing needs.


Twoosk B2B Telecom & Datacom marketplace is an online platform that aims to aggregate knowledge and provide equipment and services to the professional sector. After discovering the marketplace through a simple Google search, Sousa Pinheiro Telecomunicações was able to browse a wide range of telecom equipment, compare and easily discover products the company needed. Everything was presented in one single place, saving time, money and ensuring a safe experience.

Building the same degree of trust that one expects in a face-to-face purchasing scenario through their online marketplace is one Twoosk’s primary objectives. As such, Sousa Pinheiro Telecomunicações were able to act knowing that they were working with a company they could rely on before, during and after the purchasing process.


Sousa Pinheiro Telecomunicações was able to source the equipment they required remotely, and with all of the plans and explanations available to them from the start. After the first order went smoothly, Mr Rui was able to trust in Twoosk and  this meant they were able to act with confidence. Having this information and the prices listed in one place proved invaluable, allowing for the possibility to make a strong evaluation and compare prices with the opportunity to study the options while simultaneously receiving expert advice and guidance.

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