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5 Tips to Create a Successful B2B online shop on the Telco Marketplace

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“The rise of online shopping…”, “More customers are shopping online…”, “Ecommerce Growth…”, “Post-pandemic E-commerce…”, and so on, I’m sure these titles are not unfamiliar to you at all, even if you manage a B2B online shop.

More than a trend, online shopping is a reality, not only in the daily life of B2C customers but also of companies. In Europe, e-commerce continues to grow. In 2020 it recorded a higher growth of e-shoppers due to the Covid-19 pandemic that pushed consumers towards online shopping even more strongly.

The B2B sector is also going through a period of digital transformation. The increasing digitalization of the sector is a fact, and the expectations of B2B buyers are also increasing due to their experiences in B2C. According to a study developed by DHL Express, “in the next few years there will be strong growth in B2B e-commerce, by 2025 it is predicted that 80% of all B2B sales will take place digitally.

To keep up with the growth of E-commerce in B2B you have at your disposal some ways:

  • Develop your own B2B online shop via platforms such as Shopify, WordPress, Magento or others;
  • Develop the shop from scratch;
  • Opt for a simpler route – Marketplaces.

Developing your B2B online shop, either via a platform or from scratch, requires labor and structure costs. You can do this through internal resources or by hiring an agency, but don’t forget that afterward, you will need someone dedicated to managing and promoting your online shop. A marketplace, on the other hand, is an easier way to start your online journey, as it already has all the features to put and promote your products online.

Twoosk is the marketplace developed especially for Telco Sector, with features particularly designed for the Telco Professionals. The process of creating a B2B online Shop in the Telco Marketplace is quite simple. You can go through it in this link: Create your Shop.

Once your shop is set up it’s important that you keep it optimized for best performance. Next, I gather 5 tips on how you can have a successful online shop at Twoosk, attract more traffic to your products, minimize misunderstanding with customers, and boost conversion rates:

1 – Keep your shop profile up to date

Your potential customers want to know more about your company than just the price of your products, particularly if they’re looking at larger purchases or recurring partners. The Company Profile helps you tell your company’s story, main advantages and build trust. When business customers better understand who they’re sourcing from, they’re more likely to buy.

2 – Make product titles easy to read

The product name will be the main title of your offer, so make sure to enter a clear and effective title. The customers should understand easily what they are buying. Also, focus on important keywords that are relevant for your customers, use the terms that are commonly used in the industry.

At Twoosk, in some product categories, you will see a name suggestion appear below the “Product name” field. You may choose to apply it by clicking on the ‘Apply’ button next to the suggested product name, or you may enter the name you would like the product to have.

3 – Include useful information in the product description

When creating products, keep in mind that enhanced and detailed product description helps your customers make informed purchases. At any time, you can optimize your products description with content in text, images, videos, and tables with product features. Adding enhanced product content to your product pages can result in higher conversion rates, increased traffic, and higher sales when used effectively.

4 – Use Data Sheets

In B2B, especially in the telecom sector, data sheets are a crucial component in the research and purchase of equipment. The technical specificity of the products requires a detailed analysis of features during the purchase process.

At Twoosk, there is a section designed and developed for telco professionals, called “Technical Documents”, where you can add up to 5 documents related to your product. It is recommended that the technical documents attached are in English.

5 – Upload all 10 images for a product

At Twoosk you can upload up to 10 images per product, so use this space to show your product from different angles, giving the customers the best visual idea of your product. Use images to show the product closer, so customers can see it in detail. If the product is sold in a pack or a kit, make sure this is visible in the images. If you want to go beyond product photos, you can use a more advanced format like video.

And that’s all, I’m sure these tips will boost your online shop performance at Twoosk! 😊

I truly believe Twoosk is a powerful opportunity for Telco companies to expand their online B2B presence, engage with new or current customers, and simply sell their products worldwide. For more information on how the Marketplace works, visit our Help Center or contact our Customer Care Team through help@twoosk.com .

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