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Croatian telecom company expands its business with the help of Twoosk

Twoosk telecom equipment in project

Croatian telecom company expands its business with the help of Twoosk. See the testimonial of Dejan Korent, one of the owners of EcoNet d.o.o, a small telecom company that operates in Croatia and that used Twoosk to help overcome the problem of not getting quality fiber cables in an easy way, enabling the company to expand their business.

About Eco Net

EcoNet was founded in 2014 operating in Varaždin and its surroundings, in North Croatia. The company initially offered internet access services in that city but over time they have expanded their operations, and now they count with around 400 clients via 5Ghz Wireless Technology.

The problem: Difficulties in finding cables that suites the project’s needs.

When Dejan decided that it was time to expand the business, the company chose to start by building their own optical infrastructure in two places: Kućan in Varaždinska and Strahoninec in Međimurje County.

“We spent almost the entire year 2018 and 2019 in testing the various elements needed for optical network. We were extremely unsatisfied with the quality of the cables (ADSS) that we ordered from other companies. The standard loose tube cables were extremely difficult to handle at heights.”

Dejan Korent

With money wasted, tests and no good results, there was no other possibility than keep looking for alternatives.

The Solution: Specialised Marketplace with a variety of cables from different suppliers in one single place

“Fortunately, one night, it was about 3 am and I couldn’t sleep so I started searching for equipment and Google did its thing. That’s when I arrived on Twoosk.”

Dejan Korent

It was the first time that Dejan visited Twoosk so he was a little confused, however the availability of the team to help, let Dejan way more comfortable with the website.

“I explained to Mr. Thiago Calaça my problem with the cables and asked if I could get a sample of one of the flexible cables available on Twoosk. To my surprise the cable arrived free of charge after a week (which is quite understandable considering the distance).”

Dejan Korent

After getting the cable sample Dejan started to testing it and at the end he concluded that it would save a lot of time and efforts to set up the FTTH network they have planned for 2020 and 2021. Not long after testing, the first shipment of the cable arrived.

“You can see how it is in the photos and videos and how comfortable it is working with the right material. Well, it wouldn’t be possible without Twoosk, and in my humble opinion this is the biggest part of the project.

Dejan Korent

Project with Twoosk fiber cables
Croatian company use Twoosk fiber cables to expand business

What’s next?

EcoNet already got more orders from Twoosk and shares that for sure, there will be more.

“(…) And now you’re asking me, why we need Twoosk if we already know who makes the cable and where we can found it. The answer is simple: Mr. Thiago is always available for us on whatsapp or chat. He is always ready clarifying doubts or helping us in getting what we need.”

Dejan Korent

EcoNet d.o.o. expects to complete the first project in Strahoninec by the end of 2020 and providing better internet connection through fiber to 700 households that currently do not have a good internet connection.

If like the Croatian telecom company that expanded its business with the help of Twoosk you are also trying to get telecom equipment in an easy way, visit Twoosk Specialised Marketplace in Telecommunications and find products from all technologies, from different suppliers in one single place.

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