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New channel for telecom German companies

New channel for German telecom companies that is doing business sustainably and saving resources! BREKO Purchasing Group has now a new channel for network companies, members of this group. A B2B marketplace focused on sustainability, that offers telecom network products … Read More

Fiber optic connectors

Fiber optic connectors have different classifications when they are single-mode fiber or multimode fiber, however SC, LC, ST and FC are connectors that are adaptable to both fiber types. Below, you’ll see most common connectors. SC Fiber Optic Connector    … Read More

Splitters in Coaxial Networks

While fiber is trendy in greenfields, coaxial still the most rational and economical option for brownfields, because the technology will continue to involve up to 10Gbps connectivity in the next years. Besides the good bandwidth, the coaxial network allows a great … Read More

Top 3 questions about Fiber

Why use light for telecommunications?   Why transmit data using light instead of, for example, electric pulses? Simple: light is really fast. The speed of light in a vacuum is some 300,000 kilometers per second, and just one-third slower, or about 200,000 … Read More