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New Partner on Twoosk Marketplace: CommScope

CommScope joined Twoosk marketplace as a new telecom equipment provider, through the Overstocks Business. By partnering up with the OS Business Services, CommScope gains a complementary sales channel focused in promoting the long tail products to other companies who are … Read More

Major US Telcos formed a 6G alliance

Although 5G being in an early stage, major US Telcos formed a 6G alliance in order to accelerate the research on 6G technology. The main goal of this alliance is to ensure that North America is the leader on 6G … Read More

NASA joins Nokia to put 4G in the moon

Nokia announced a partnership with NASA to establish 4G in the moon through the Artemis programme and for that, the Telco will use  intuitive machines to deliver a low-power, space-hardened and a self-configuring LTE solution on the lunar surface in … Read More