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7 keys to grow and manage business relationships as a telecommunications equipment vendor

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Connections do matter. A lot! And, if we talk about organizations, all kind of relationships become even more important. In fact, they are the building blocks of a well succeed business. To thrive in the market, you must dedicate time to nurture and grow your interactions for mutual benefit. Customers, partners, providers, colleagues, competition, peers, thought leaders, media – just to name a few. Business relationships enrich, give meaning and inspire the days of any professional. Almost all of their time when working on sales, like you as a telecommunications equipment vendor — whether in big companies or small ones. How well you manage relationships is directly related to the growth, agility and profit of your organization.

We highlight below seven keys to help you on this.

Focus on networking

The secret is to focus on strengthen your networking and personally connecting with business partners, other companies, clients and, of course, your co-workers. The average lifecycle of a B2B customer is long and tends to be stable, so it requires more “proximity” and interactions to maintain happiness and loyalty. This kind of customers highly regard their vendor relationships, so they really have to be nurtured. As well as your prospects – be “present” and do everything you can to be an option when the buying time arrives. We know the Covid-19 pandemic does not allow the human contact we were used to, but digital platforms are so advanced that enable to eliminate any distance. Take advantage of them and stay closer to whom is important to you and your business!

Different channels

Today, B2B buyers use more channels to engage with their vendors and therefore expect their data to be integrated and consistent across every touch point. So, keep all your telecommunications equipment vendor channels organized and up to date. Those who provide an omnichannel experience, by delivering a consistent product information, customer service and account information are able to build better and more lasting relationships.

Minimize efforts, maximize experiences

In this kind of business, usability is a major factor to retain buyers’ attention and promote their desired next step (a new sale!). It is important for clients to easily search for products, find answers to their questions or make a purchase. Here you can have a strong ally: a specialised and intuitive telecom marketplace where you can have your own online store and interact with your clients. Providing them a huge experience.

Manage expectations

Expectations are always high; clients want it all. You must be clear with partners and customers about what the best-case scenarios are and how business realities don’t match up to this every time. By doing so, it is possible to set both of expectations at a manageable level. Failure to deliver on the promise can have a dramatic impact, so it is better to be conservative and not raise any doubts in the relationship.

Be Creative

When working on building relationships with another business or customers, you will surely face some challenges to proceed in a way that continues to nurture these bonds. There is nothing wrong to be creative with your problem-solving strategies. As a telecommunications equipment vendor, this will help you preserve your internal relationships.

Data-driven decision making

Most business decisions are made based on a round table or some strategy lines written down on a paper. But, this is not the effective way to go. Instead, you should be relying on data and customer feedback. And always improve accordingly: your processes, your projects, your communications.

Develop loyalty programs

Incentives are always welcomed. Why not to consider creating a loyalty program for current customers that will help boost your business revenue and reinforce your relationships? One way to go is to offer a small reward to encourage buyers signing up for loyalty programs, and continue to provide more valuable benefits and promotions based on their continuing purchases and loyalty.

What’s next as a telecommunications equipment vendor?

These scenarios work whether you are a telecommunications equipment vendor or any other kind of vendor. But in the telecom sector, you may take advantage of some other specificities: a very particular kind of customer, a highly competitive market and innovations coming out every time. So, if you are a telecommunications equipment vendor, you may add to the above-mentioned keys, another important one: start using Twoosk marketplace. It allows you to build lasting relationships online by easily and rapidly opening an online store, and much more:

Save time: benefit from a simplified sales process by doing everything in one single place. You will be able to expose your products, make promotions, receive requests for quotation and answer to them through a platform that is easy to use. Also, logistics and payment management are handled by Twoosk, which leaves you with more time to focus on sales and relationships.  

Save money: with low investment, you will get a new sales channel, immediate access to new markets, and the possibility to grow your client’s portfolio in a simple and fast way. You just need to choose the plan that best fits your budget and needs.

Safe shopping: Twoosk is a certified platform by “Trust Ecommerce Europe”, that guarantees a safe shopping experience, by using the most well-known payment methods and that partners with the most reliable logistic companies to ensure that delivery times are met.

Let’s partner and grow relationships together. We are waiting for you here.

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