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NASA joins Nokia to put 4G in the moon

Nokia announced a partnership with NASA to establish 4G in the moon through the Artemis programme and for that, the Telco will use  intuitive machines to deliver a low-power, space-hardened and a self-configuring LTE solution on the lunar surface in … Read More

Connected Britain summary (day 1)

First day of Connected Britain with great sessions, as expected. The virtual event brought us discussions with great panelists, that gave us very valuable information in what comes to the scenario of UK next steps in digitalization and Twoosk, shares with you the Connected Britain summary, from day … Read More

Are Your Leadership Skills Good?

If you run a business or if you are a team leader, you certainly have asked to yourself if you are a good leader to your team. Although some people saying that leadership skills are innate to some people, behavioral … Read More