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Nokia joins Open Fiber to Expand FTTH Adoption in Italy

FTTH adoption in Italy

The Italian operator, Open Fiber, is planning to expand the FTTH adoption in Italy. Open Fiber is also counting with the efforts of Nokia, in supplying its optical transport technology for the acceleration project.

How will these developments affect the country?

The Italian company wants to implement a program that will advance Italy’s digitalization process, being committed to build a full fiber network to connect more than 6000 municipalities in the country.

The CEO of Open Fiber, Elisabetta Ripa, says that “FTTH ultra-broadband infrastructure has proven to be a key factor for accelerating the digital transformation of our country, unlocking new opportunities for the Italian digital economy, boosting production and driving competitiveness. We believe that also selecting Nokia’s optical network products and solutions will further accelerate our FTTH infrastructure plan, bringing reliability, openness and innovation to the market.” Source: Nokia

The acceleration of FTTH adoption in Italy will enable client speeds of up to 1Gb/s, an objective of speed set by the Italian Gigabit Society to the year of 2025.

SIAE Microelettronica is also contributing

In order to achieve this goal, Nokia and its partner SIAE Microelettronica, joined to deliver the 1830 Optical Network Extender (ONE) and Network Functions Manager-Transport (NFM-T) solutions for the aggregation layer of Open Fiber’s Access Network. The partners will also deliver installation and commissioning services that next will be leased to local FTTH and FTTP operators.

Country Senior Officer of Nokia Italy, Giuseppina Di Foggia, is happy with Open Fiber decision of choosing Nokia’s optical solutions, to expand the FTTH adoption in Italy and to let the company be part of the Gigabit Society new era. Giuseppina also shares that “This agreement is an important one for Nokia Italia and our Optics Research and Development center in Vimercate, where we meet innovation challenges with great passion, competence and professionalism. Being recognized by a partner such as Open Fiber motivates us further.”

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