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Tech trends for 2020: See Now the Top 20

Tech Trends for 2020 Twoosk

Want to know what is expected of Tech trends for 2020? Keep reading this article that is showing the top 20 tech trends for the next year!

Nowadays, technology is part of our daily routines and we can’t deny it. Technology is always changing and with the implementation of 5G we will dive more into the digital world. 

If you are a tech lover, here are the 20 Tech trends for 2020, according to Telenor group.

Tech trends for 2020

1. Green innovations

With help of Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI), green innovations will become more usual in order reduce demand and to significantly reduce carbon footprints, while cutting costs and building new revenue.

2. The Internet of Bodies

People and mobile technology will be more connected than ever. At health sector, digital innovative devices and new apps will give the possibility to go beyond monitoring. You’ll be able to go into actual auto-interventions like insulin pumps.


3. Industries collaborations

5G, IoT and AI will bring lots of challenges to companies. That’s why companies are expected to collaborate to bring the best experiences to internet users. Everything will happen in real time, giving the possibility to offer faster and better services.

4. Build your own network

Fully ecrypted apps, apps that use mesh or peer-to-peer technology are expected to increase popularity because private citizens and organisations, more and more are becoming able to run their own communication networks. It happens because people want to protect their communications from other networks that are trying to steal private information.

5. “Dirty data”

“Dirty data” is a term used for data that is taken from sets and processes that are inaccurate, biased or compromised, that result on flawed or even illegal data. People are aware of these situations and the challenge is to work very hard to ensure data quality in 2020.

6. Competition for your trust

The number of people that believe that free searches and social media services aren’t really free, is increasing. The level of trust is becoming a huge deal to people, when using internet so the trend is to trust more on companies who have a line of revenue independent from what they know about us.

7. E-SIM

E-SIM technology will become more common on consumer devices and company related to IoT. Users will easily activate and change subscriptions with no need of a new SIM card. This trend will accelerate the transition from physical to digital, which will increase new e-SIM services and apps launch in the market, next year.

8. Electric cars

The boom of electric cars will be at 2020 and with new models at the market, prices will drop. Because of this, some tension is starting to be felt and governments are already reducing the incentives to protect their revenues and charge station demand is going to outweigh supply.

9. Sleep tech

Next year, a new generation of fitness devices will emerge, with new functionalities such as measuring blood oxygen levels and even brain activity, so sleep monitoring will be even more accurate in order to optimize your sleep.

10. “Battle” of streaming giants

Broadcast TV shows are a thing from the past. Now, HBO and Netflix are the homes big entertainers. New platforms are emerging (like Apple TV) and the fight for consumers attention is just beginning.

11. Gaming 

2020 will be a great year for gamers. Gaming industry will be more alive than ever with Arcade from Apple and Stadia from Google. These 2 brands are offering great competition for Microsoft and Sony.

12. AI available to non-experts

AI platforms with automated machine learning features will become more popular because they are  providing user-interfaces that make AI available to common internet users. People will be able to develop their own AI technology.

13. New level content

Tech trends for 2020 also promise that, in the next year, AI powered filters won’t be enough. AI generated content for video creation will fuel new apps and new AI used for computational photography will bring digital content to another level.

14. Bringing Big Tech down to size

Big Tech won’t have the same influence since we will see appearing more regulations requested by governments and consumers. It’s included taxation, data privacy and security, restrictions on political advertising and possibly company break-ups.

15. Ethical AI gets in gear

Concrete policy actions will be defined, so that companies start to put real efforts from technological companies to connect AI ethics to value creation.

16. Digital twins

A digital twin is a copy of a physical entity like a car, road, or even a city. For 2020 this will be a big trend since it’s a great tool for planning, developing, and more. The digital twin has the advantage of being continuously updated with real-time data, since it’s connected by sensors and other software tools.

17. Protection against phone scams

Phone scams are rising again, with actions like fake phone calls from unusual numbers. All of this to try to steal peoples data. Mobile operators are aware and already working into detecting and blocking these actions. Machine learning techniques will prevent scams and protect customers. 

18. Labour rights for Gig Economy workers

The Gig Economy was created by platforms from companies like Uber and AirBnB. As it’s known, Gig Economy as created labour relations tensions, since these companies don’t offer a full employee contract to their workers. However, employees are already starting to demand their fair share which will give a lot to discuss, next year.

19. “Second-hand” is the new “smart”

The climate changes are becoming a big worry to people that are more and more looking for more sustainable ways of acting, even related to their devices. Making new smartphones have a negative impact on climate and that’s why keeping more time a smartphone or even buying a used one, will be a trend to 2020.

20. 2020 takes us to the stars

The last trend of Tech trends for 2020 will take us to space, a thing that was almost impossible to think since it is very expensive because of the non-reusable rockets. With the development of reusable rockets, going to the stars will be less expensive and it’s going to consume less energy. 2020 is expected to be the year that going to space will become more accessible.

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