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New sales channel for telecom German companies


Meet the new sales channel for German telecom companies that is doing business sustainably and saving resources! BREKO Purchasing Group has now a new channel for network companies, members of this group. A B2B marketplace focused on sustainability, that offers telecom network products with special conditions and fast deliveries. 

How does it work? 

The new sales channel for German telecom companies, came from a partnership between BREKO Purchasing Group and Twoosk that induces business opportunities and promotes a win-win approach between all partners, where is given the opportunity to buy high quality unused stocks, that are sustainable offers, which prevent the waste of resources. 

Together with a network of different partners, we create sustainable business by discovering optimal business potential, while preventing wasted resources. 

Companies can manage their excessive inventories, while network operators find products with fair prices. 

Partnership BREKO- Twoosk

Want to know more about the sales channel? Click here.

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