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Fiberweek20 Summary: The future of digitalization in Germany


From 12 to 16 October the leading fiber optic trade fair in Germany, Fiberweek20, this year also happened in a virtual format. The virtual fair focused in the telecom industry, brought us experts from the sector that discussed topics like fiber optic expansion and digitalization in Germany and the digital infrastructure as the basis for digitalization and digital business models.

From digital transformation to smart cities, see what is demanded to achieve the goal of a more digitalized Germany.

Changes are needed  


The First day of Fiberweek20 counted with Dr. Katrin Suder, Chairwoman of the Digital Council of the Federal Government, sharing that Germany has what is need to be digitally competitive, however a more open mindset, committed minds and diversity is a must.

On the same day, Dr Stephan Albers, Managing Director of BREKO, said that the expansion of fiber in Germany will continue to be developed by the market itself, so the interaction between the internal and subsidized expansions will be necessary.

Fiberweek20 also counted with a prognosis for the expansion of the digital infrastructure in Germany, where Professor Dr. Jens from the Bonn Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences says that in the next few year, it will be possible to see major changes in fiber optic expansion.

Acceleration is the key


In lots of countries, the expansion of fiber is now a priority and Germany is not an exception. The majority of the experts share the same idea that Telcos need to work a lot to achieve a more digitalized society and the acceleration of the fiber expansion is the only solution. Also, like in Connected Britain, the Fiberweek20 panelists also agreed that the cooperation between municipalities is needed for the future of connectivity.

Source: BREKO

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