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Telefónica and Allianz partnership: A new era for FTTH in Germany

Telefónica and Allianz partnership

Telefónica and Allianz partnership started with the goal of creating a joint venture to deploy FTTH in Germany. Each company will hold 50 percent in the joint venture, where 5 billion euros are expected to be spent over the next 6 years. 

The participation of Telefónica Group will be held through its infrastructure division, Telefónica Infra, that will have 40% stake while O2/ Telefónica Deutschland will stay with 10% stake. Allianz Capital Partners will invest the remaining 50% in the joint venture, through Allianz insurance companies and Allianz European Infrastructure Fund. 

Why a partnership between these companies? 

With great technical capabilities and expertise, Telefónica is one of the largest telecommunications service providers in the world while Allianz is one of the top world’s leading insurers and investors, which culminates in a company that will provide strong pillars to this ambitious project. 

The new company will work as a wholesale operator, providing local fiber optic networks to Germany areas with low coverage, like the rural and semi-rural areas. It aims to deploy more than 2 million home passed in these areas, through a fiber network of more than 50 000 kilometers.  

Also, the company expects to provide FTTH wholesale access to all telecom service providers. 

Telefónica and Allianz partnership expresses the commitment to the social, economic and digital development of Germany by providing access to better connectivity in areas with little coverage, since Germany has one of the lowest fiber penetration rates in Europe. 

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Know more about this partnership at Telefónica website.  

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