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Connected Britain summary- New reality and Innovation (day 2)

Connected Britain summary - New reality and Innovation

With one more day ending of the British virtual fair, it’s time to make a summary of the most important moments of the second day that counted with two main expressions:  New reality and Innovation . With a variety of sessions happening at the same time, some sessions had more attention in what comes to the future of UK connectivity

Doing incredible things 

In a session that counted with the CEO’s of Openreach, TalkTalkCityFibre and the Europe Marketing Director of Nokia, one thing that all panelists agreed on, is that the world is changing due to the new reality and the development of digital infrastructure is more important than ever – “It is absolutelly crucial.” says Clive Selley, the CEO of Openreach. 

The session counted also with a comic moment when Greg Mesch, CEO of CityFibre , puts on a red funny hat while saying for everyone to remember to have a little fun even when we are having difficult times and that although not being funny building streets and digging up roads, they feel that at the end of the day, they are doing incredible things. 

5G needs collaboration 

In the “5G solutions for Industry – real word examples”, Ericsson and Digital Catapult announced a partnership that will bring a new Industrial 5G Accelerator programthat aims to help drive 5G industrial adoption in the UK. 

Iain Thornhill, Vice President Service Providers and IoT at Ericsson, shared that they are trying to break barriers, since 5G is starting to ask for collaboration between stakeholders, to benefit the industry. 

What about the public sector? 

One theme that for sure did not go unnoticed, was “Digital transformation in the public sector”, a panel that discussed a sector that usually stays back in digitalization.  

All pannelists agreed that is a must to respect the end user and that all the decisions, regarding the digitalisation of the public sector, must be made thinking on them. This time, unlike other technological innovations, digitalization is a process for everyone and it’s necessary to turn it more engaging, by compartmentalizing solutions, particularly those that uses little to no code. 

Telcos need to take risks 

The second day of Connected Britain, also counted with the Chief Growth Officer from Capita, Ismail Amla, that gave us a lesson on learning from the legacy leaders, like Facebook or Tesla. Amla shares that telcos are still tied to their cultures and to a sense of monotomy that doesn’t help to innovation.  They must forget about fears and failure and take risks in name of the necessity of connectivity. 

According to the specialists, the New reality needs Innovation but will telcos be ready for that? 

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