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Adopting cloud technology: Are telcos becoming leaders in this area?

Adopting cloud technology telcos

An Infosys report says that telcos will be leaders in adopting cloud technology in 2022, but only if they deliver their migration plans.
Connecting people and data is fundamental in what telecom companies do. By adopting cloud technology, telcos will be able to focus in their efforts on deploying AI and automation, developing predictive maintenance capabilities, and expanding 5G offerings.

According to Infosys study, “More than half of the companies in our survey say that in 2022 they will have moved a majority of their IT systems and business functions to the cloud. Defensive or maintenance-related cloud priorities allowed companies to keep the lights on and sustain their businesses through the Covid-19 pandemic. Offensive or progressive priorities (speed, scale, capacity) that took take a back seat last year are set for a comeback by 2022.”

Although telecom industry only representing 4% of this study, researchers could detect that telcos can become leaders in adopting cloud technology.

Most industries slowed cloud adoption, but the scenario was not the same to telecom companies that continued to progress in cloud technology adoption. This technology has helped companies from the industry to continue offering connectivity and services when people needed it most.

But where are Telcos using cloud technology?

In the case of unlocking AI and data benefits from the cloud, telecoms companies were rated the highest of all the surveyed industries, in Infosys study.

Telcos are really taking advantage of cloud technology, by using AI to process and analyse data to get insights from clients, to monitor consumption patterns and provide better experiences for its customers. All this automation is also helping telcos to improve back office management such as billing, workforce management and more.

Main concerns of Telcos in adopting cloud technology

Telecom companies have three main concerns in what comes to adopting cloud technology:

  • Security;


  • Ability to measure and track value realization;

  • Regulation and compliance.

Security is the main concern of telcos due to the increase of cyberattacks in the last years. According to sector reports, in 2019 almost 43% of telcos have suffered from DNS-based malware attacks.

Although these concerns, they are not a barrier in what comes to adopting cloud technologies by companies from the sector, since they keep focused in making this migration, with the goal of offering better experiences to their customers and to improve their own processes.

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