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10 Tips to improve teleworking to telecom professionals


Since Twoosk is an ecommerce platform, our team is also adapting to this new challenge of teleworking. Knowing the difficulties working from home, we selected 10 tips to share with you on how to improve teleworking.

  1. Stablish you’re working environment

Choose the most quiet place from your house. If it’s you room, don’t be tempted to work in bed Sitting up in bed or on the sofa sounds nice, but it’s not good for your back. Find a place where you can be well seated and focused.

  1. Stay healthy

Don’t’ forget to keep drinking water and don’t drink too much coffee. Keep some fruit or healthy snacks nearby in order to reduce the temptation of fast food.

  1. Use video in your meetings

Seeing your colleagues, clients or suppliers on video encourages interaction and engagement which is good for your mental health.

  1. Blur your background when on video calls

Did you know that you can blur your background at some video platforms? Microsoft Teams or even Skype give you that possibility, meaning that things you don’t want to be seen won’t be a problem. If you’re using Zoom, there is a great feature that allows you to create a ‘virtual background’.

  1. Keep focused and productive with your tasks

Always have a plan of your activities before starting your day. This will help get you into a working rhythm and give you a sense of achievement.

  1. Schedule some ‘virtual coffee breaks’ with your colleagues

With your team, define a short social period every day. Make a video call while you recharge your batteries. The only rule is to don’t talk about work.

  1. Stay active

Don’t stay in front of your computer all day. It’s important that you look after your physical and mental health while working from home. Go for a run, at lunch or take a little walk. Making exercise is really important for your head and your body.

  1. If silence is a problem for you, have some background noise

If you’re the sort of person that finds sitting silence really boring, add some music to your day. Turn on your spotify or apple music and choose your favorite songs, however it’s better to keep the volume low so you can still focus on your tasks and not get distracted.

  1. Keep a routine

Don’t be tempted to stay in your pajamas all day. Try to keep the routine you had when going into the office – wake up, have a shower, have breakfast – you’ll feel way more productive

  1. Don’t worry about the kids/pets coming into your working space

The truth is that you’re still at home and you can’t escape from it. Try to don’t be bothered with these kind of situations because most of the people that are working from home are now passing through the same. Share your teleworking stories with your colleagues, we are sure that all of them will have a lot to share too, about the new adventure of working from home.

Source: Exponential-E

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