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Digitalization in the Telecom Industry: The future of B2B Telco Equipment Sales

Digitalization in the Telecom Industry

With more than 30 years’ experience of international PR activity, mainly in the technology field, Bryan Dolby invited the CEO of Twoosk B2B Telecom & Datacom Marketplace, André Manteigas to share its view on why we need an online equipment marketplace, for the digitalization in the Telecom industry.

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Why has this online marketplace, become so important for this industry?

All online marketplaces are important due to the shift of the buying process. We are specialized in telecommunications because it’s our area of expertise.

If you look for what’s happening since middle of 2010, there’s a high increase in ecommerce global sales and what we see, is that most of the sales that are done right now, are done by a new generation which are the Millennials that are getting to the positions where they can choose. And since they were born, Millennials have all these technologies, like phones and social media.

They have exactly what they want when they want. It makes no sense that even markets like the telecom or other kind of markets do not adapt to this buying cycle.

In terms of psychology if you look at the Millennials, do you think that they are going to send an email or make a phone call asking something? Or will they go to Google or to any other Service Provider search for a specific product?

So, this change in psychology of people, that we have new technology, is going to shift also to the online marketplaces. I believe that in the future, most sales will be done online in B2B, you already see it happening in B2C. In terms of B2B, there are a few things that we need to cope with to allow that people have trust.

This online marketplace is like shifting from an outdated work process to a new way of process in the next years.

What makes Twoosk stand out? What’s unique about Twoosk from your point of view?

If you look to the buying process in B2B instead of B2C, there’s a huge issue that is trust. People are used to buy from a face, are used to buy from people that they work with for a lot of years and we want to shift this offline process to online. Our biggest commitment is that people have the same experience online that they would like to have offline with the  benefit that it’s faster and more efficient.

They have all the information at one site and don’t have to find 15 or 16 companies to work for prices because it’s our job to have all the information that our audience wants in one place, 24 hours available, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.This is our mission, to provide the best products in telecommunications to all the buyers that need them in a very trustful way. And of course, with the customer support they need.

There are many countries in Europe that now are trying to put fiber in. They’re trying to drive towards a gigabit society. What part does Twoosk play in making something like that happen?

If you look at the way that deployments of fiber are being done in Europe, it started with smaller countries which were easier to test, like Portugal, Croatia or Slovenia, where these countries used this as a competitive advantage so that they can put more technology on top.

If you look at the biggest countries like Germany, France or UK, they tend not to adapt so fast because they are too big, so the level of immediate investment is too high. But if you look at what the pandemics brought, it brought an urgent need of having broadband and as example of the role that Twoosk has in this technology, I can give a real example, of our first Croatian customer.

He was Googling for a product at 03:00 AM on a Saturday (his words) and he was trying to find a type of fiber that he couldn’t find elsewhere. All the companies were closed and he went to Twoosk. He found it and made his first purchase.

I believe that solving an issue at 03:00 AM of a Saturday, made his Sunday much better that it would have been if he kept worried with its problem. (laughs)

This is the perspective of Twoosk CEO regarding the need of digitalization in the telecom industry, more specifically in the B2B perspective.

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