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AI in Telecom: A must for operators in the 5G Era

AI in Telecom

AI is one of the technologies expected to have huge developments in the following years and which deserves much attention, including in the Telecom industry. AI in Telecom is becoming a must and according to Total Telecom blog, here are the main reasons:

The need of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions to support operations

The increasing complexity of delivering services and its maintenance is forcing telecom operators to rely on AI and ML solutions to support operations, to meet customers needs with the increase of digital competition.

The 5G network is already here but what about 5G services?

All we hear is that 5G network is taking the first steps almost everywhere but what about the services that 5G will bring? The reality is that everyone is expecting more than faster and better connection, people want to see big changes that will exist with 5G services yet to come.

The “miracle of SMS” – will we see it again?

When SMS was introduced to the market, nobody expected that it would have the success that it had, yet it conquered the market and it’s actually a protype for similar services.

That is why 5G networks constructors are promising to repeat this miracle, however the technology depends on network service providers.

What needs to change?

As said before, the 5G network is already being implemented almost everywhere but we aren’t feeling big changes for now. That is because to see that changes operators will need to upgrade their telecom network architecture and they have not started it yet, which means that AI in Telecom operations will still take some time.

Intelligent services and assurance

Services delivery, maintenance and assurance will have an important role due to digital competition since traditional communication service suppliers are just starting to dive into the digital world.

The time to invest in AI and ML is now! Digital consumers ask more and more from network service providers and they don’t want to wait. If providers don’t keep up with their rhythm, they will end up choosing the competition.

Making decisions in difficult times

Although some AI-driven solution being already available to communication service providers, without 5G services they mean nothing however waiting for the right time is also not the solution.

This reinforces that the time to invest in AI in Telecom is now, although bringing some risk but at least it will maintain operators with a competitive advantage.

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  • AI as a trend will see growth in the telecom sector due to which old telecom equipment will become obsolete. The company then needs to find a proper solution which ranges from selling the old equipment to recycling it.

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