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Top 10 IoT technology trends that you need to consider as a telecom seller in 2021

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IoT is the connection of devices, endpoints, and assets that have never been able to communicate with a network. As an enabler of internet device connectivity, the Telecom industry is one of the largest players in the fast-growing IoT technology world. And what a world! As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, it took off in ways no one expected.

So, there are huge opportunities for you to take advantage in the coming year and beyond! Continue reading to discover where to put your efforts.

According to Forrester, Gartner and other experts, here is an overview of the main IoT technology trends that you need to consider as a telecom seller in 2021:

1. Network connectivity chaos will reign

Technology leaders will be inundated by an array of wireless connectivity options. Forrester expects interest in satellite and other lower-power networking technologies to increase by 20% in 2021. This allows for widespread network coverage at a low cost, setting the path for new tech advancements.

2. Connected device makers will double down on healthcare use cases

Many people stayed at home in 2020, leaving chronic conditions unmanaged, cancers undetected, and preventable conditions unnoticed. In 2021, proactive engagement using wearables and sensors to detect patients’ health at home will surge.

3. Smart office initiatives will drive employee-experience transformation

Forrester expects at least 80% of firms to develop return-to-work strategies that include IoT to enhance employee safety and improve resource efficiency such as smart lighting, energy and environmental monitoring, or sensor-enabled space use and activity monitoring in high traffic areas.

4. The near ubiquity of connected machines will finally disrupt traditional business

Many firms switched to remote operations in 2020. This increased reliance on remote experts to address repairs without protracted downtime and expensive travel. In 2021, they will rush to keep up with customer demand for more connected assets and machines.

5. Consumer and employee location data will be core to convenience

The pandemic elevated the importance location plays in delivering convenient customer and employee experiences. In 2021, technology partners must continue to help companies using location data to generate convenience with virtual queues, curbside pickup, and checking in for reservations.

6. The Internet of Behavior – using data to change behaviors

Next year, we’ll see more IoT technologies in various ways to enforce health and safety guidelines. This will include using sensors or RFID tags to ensure employees are washing hands and using computer vision to determine if they are wearing masks. Also, telematics can monitor driving behaviors and companies can then use data to improve driver performance, routing and safety.

7. Physical experiences expand

As the IoT, virtual and augmented reality, digital twins and other technologies evolve, immersive experiences will be more affordable, and more fun. Businesses that provide physical experiences must extend into virtual experiences that rival the physical ones and without putting safety at risk.

8. 5G-enabled IoT ecosystem

5G technology not only will accelerate data transmission speed (100x higher and 1Kx higher capacity), but also bring forth new types of networks, gadgets, etc. Its cross-industry opportunities will help autonomous driving experience, Industry 4.0, and smart city concepts to fully mature.

9. Artificial IoT

The AIoT will allow IoT systems and networks to become more cognitive. Decision-making will be more context- and experience-based relying on the processed data from sensors and connected devices. It will also facilitate decisions related to network issues, by finding route causes and solutions faster.

10. IoT & Blockchain

The distributed ledger technology of Blockchain plays a pivotal role in enhancing the security of communication between devices connected in the IoT ecosystem.

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