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New Partnership in the Marketplace: OPTRAL

Optral and Twoosk Partnership

Twoosk marketplace has now a new Partner: OPTRAL. The Spanish manufacturer of fiber optic cables and optoelectronic equipment, arrived now to Twoosk, providing telecom products through the OS Business.
The company will now have access to a complementary sales channel that allows the company to reach new customers across Europe.

Welcome OPTRAL!


Founded in 1988, OPTRAL is a Spanish company that works in the design, production and sale of fiber optic cables and optoelectronic equipment.

Its most important pillars are quality and innovation, being constantly investing in machinery, raw materials and production processes, besides complying with certifications and high-quality standards at the international level.

Optral Timeline

The Spanish company has three subsidiaries in Latin America America (Chile, Mexico and Colombia), a Central Office in Madrid, a Technological and Productive Centre in Barcelona, a Productive and Logistic Centre in Fraga, an Agency in Ghana, being present in more than 70 countries around the globe, thanks to its partners.

OPTRAL has clients in several sectors, like Telecommunications, Industrial, Broadcast, Oil&Gas, Shipbuilding, Military, Renewable Energies and more. The company wants to help its clients grow and achieve their business goals through a highly qualified team.


Mission, Vision and Values

The corporate values and principles of OPTRAL are the representation of the company’s work philosophy before its clients, suppliers and business partners. The company’s mission and vison are:


And the company’s values are:


What are the focus products of OPTRAL?

The company is focused in providing fiber optic cables and monitoring and sensing solutions through optical fiber.

24FO (1X24) Indoor/Outdoor Loose tube Fiber Optic Cable OS2 G.652.D Anti Rodent LSZH Black

6FO (1X6) Indoor/Outdoor Loose tube Fiber Optic Cable OM4 Anti Rodent LSZH Black

12FO (1X12) Indoor/Outdoor Loose tube Fiber Optic Cable OM3 Anti Rodent LSZH Black

Check all OPTRAL products here.

Why did OPTRAL decide to make a partnership with Twoosk?

“We expect to reach online marketplace with Twoosk partnership, that we would not have with standard sales activity.”


What are the main benefits of buying OPTRAL products?

As a specialist in the production of fiber optical cables since more than 30 years, the company became a valuable provider of reliable quality fiber optic products.

About Twoosk OS Business

Twoosk OS Business is a solution that connects manufacturers in a smart and efficient way with companies that need their products as fast as possible.

It is also providing the best tools to match Partners’ needs prospering business in a sustainable and transparent way, by bringing a circular economy to the telecom and utilities sectors.

Visit now Twoosk marketplace and check OPTRAL products here.

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