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FCA’s 19″ Rack-Mounted Fiber Patch Panels

5G: Revolutionizing the Telecom Landscape

The ever-evolving world of telecommunications demands high-performing, versatile, and scalable solutions. Addressing these needs, FCA has introduced a range of 19″ rack-mounted fiber patch panels that stand out for their advanced features and adaptability.

Understanding the Crucial Role of Patch Panels in Telecommunications

In the intricate world of telecommunications, patch panels stand as unsung heroes, ensuring seamless and efficient communication networks. These hardware units serve as the nerve center for cable connections, directing the flow of data through different channels. By consolidating cables into designated slots, patch panels streamline network management, making it easier to modify and monitor connections.

With the ever-increasing demands of modern digital communication, the importance of high-quality, reliable patch panels cannot be overstated. They not only simplify network maintenance but also enhance the system’s overall integrity and performance.

FCA’s Cutting-Edge 19″ Rack-Mounted Fiber Patch Panels

Stepping into this crucial niche, FCA’s 19″ Rack-Mounted Fiber Patch Panels are tailored to meet the multifaceted needs of modern telecommunication networks. These patch panels are not mere hardware components; they are gateways to efficient, uninterrupted, and high-speed digital communication.

fiber patch panels

1. PSP-P Series

Designed primarily for use in 19″ and 21″ cabinets or racks, the PSP-P series is a benchmark in optical distribution frames (ODFs). The notable features include:

  • A fully extendable drawer that ensures ease of access and management.
  • Designation for installation with both 19″ and 21″ racks and cabinets, including the SPS.
  • A built-in capacity for 12 to 144 switching panels, accommodating diverse requirements.
  • Convenient patch panel numbering, ensuring hassle-free identification.

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2. PSP-T Series

The PSP-T is FCA’s answer to those seeking robustness in tandem with advanced features. Key attributes include:

  • An efficient cable management system equipped with perforated holes and handles, ensuring organized patch cord arrangement.
  • A remarkable space provision for cable tubes and additional pigtails storage of up to 1.5m length.
  • Easy adjustment of the mounting depth, allowing for better alignment with varying rack and cabinet specifications.

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3. PSP-E Series

The PSP-E series distinguishes itself with its versatility. Some of its standout features are:

  • Compatibility with various adapters such as SC/E2000 simplex, LC duplex, FC, and ST.
  • Options for additional equipment such as fusion splice protection sleeves and the Opti PP patchcord guide.
  • Dedicated reducers for 21″ cabinets or racks, available in standard and ETSI spacings.
fca patch panels

4. PSP-EE Series

The PSP-EE is a testament to FCA’s commitment to innovation. This series offers:

  • A streamlined installation design suitable for both 19″ and 21″ cabinets or racks.
  • Enhanced capacity, accommodating up to 144 adapters, that include configurations like SC simplex/duplex, E2000, and LC duplex.
  • The advantage of cables being introduced via a PG gland, ensuring secured and streamlined cable management.

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General Benefits of FCA’s Fiber Patch Panels

While each series brings its set of advantages, there are overarching benefits that all these panels provide:

Adaptability: With options to adjust mounting depths, switch between various adapters, and accommodate different rack sizes, FCA’s patch panels are truly versatile, meeting diverse deployment needs.

Safety and Compliance: Each panel meets rigorous standards, such as the flammability class V 0 acc UL 94 and RoHS 2011 65 /UE. Such certifications ensure that these products are safe for use in any environment.

Organized Cable Management: FCA understands the importance of neat and efficient cable organization. Hence, features like perforated holes, handles, and designated spaces for tubes and pigtails are common across the series.

Robust Build: Crafted with precision, these panels are made of powder-painted steel, ensuring durability and longevity.

Ease of Maintenance: With features like fully extendable drawers, replaceable front panels, and permanent numbering, routine maintenance and upgrades become hassle-free.

Scalability: Whether it’s a small setup requiring only 12 switching panels or a larger infrastructure needing 144, FCA has got it covered.

In conclusion, FCA’s 19″ rack-mounted fiber patch panels are not just products; they are comprehensive solutions tailored for the dynamic needs of the telecommunications sector. Whether you’re a mobile operator, data transmission service, ISP, developer, or any entity in need of reliable optical connectivity, FCA’s offerings are bound to exceed expectations.

Visit their official website to explore more about their innovative solutions and make an informed decision for your telecommunication needs.

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