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FCA’s NODCO®: Fiber Optic Connectivity Anywhere in The Home or Office


Connecting to the online world plays an extremely important role today. The digital Transformation of the economy is changing the face of businesses, but not only. It also has a real impact on the private sphere of each of us.

In 2021, there were 4.9 billion internet users worldwide, meaning that almost two-thirds of the global population is now connected to the web. According to the DESI report – Digital Economy and Society Index, 85% of Europeans surf the web regularly. Analysts in a report prepared for the FTTH Council organization that the fastest increase in fiber optics will be in countries such as Germany, Great Britain, and Italy.

During the second half of this decade, the forecast is that the vast majority of households in European countries will have access to a fiber-based broadband infrastructure. By 2026 it is estimated that penetration of fiber will be around 50%, and more than 70% in the most advanced countries. Fiber networks will also be available to subscribers who want to because they will pass close to most European homes.

All this data points to one thing – the ICT industry is growing, both in the household and in society. The role of telecommunications operators, who enable the functioning of many enterprises, is also growing. The development of e-commerce, e-government and e-services is primarily driven by the need to implement modern ICT technologies, including digital tools necessary for online communication with customers. At the basis of these changes lies a fast, efficient, and secure connection, and what follows – the very connection to the network, without which no one today can imagine their daily functioning.

FCA took what a proper network, open to digital transformation, should look like one step further. Speed, efficiency, and convenience are the features that characterize NODCO® – the subscriber socket, going beyond the framework of a typical product for its family. Easy installation, wide possibilities of use, influence on the aesthetics of the interior. NODCO® is the answer to today’s needs of both the telecommunications operator and the end user. It provides fiber optic connectivity anywhere in the home or office.

FCA: Shaping Optical Fiber Market Since 1997

FCA S.A. was founded in 1997 and cooperates with both the largest companies in the telecommunications industry and with small local entities. FCA are not only one of the largest producers and suppliers of fiber optic systems for building optical tele transmission networks, but also a reliable business partner. Comprehensive fiber optic project management offered by FCA guarantees professional advice and assistance at every stage of the investment. Thanks to over 25 years of experience in the industry, the company help change every vision into a feasible plan. They provide the most current solutions and adapt them to the capabilities and potential of our clients.

Learn more about FCA here: https://www.fca.com.pl/en/fca-group/

NODCO®: A Game Changer in FTTH Network Connectivity

Subscriber sockets are elements of telecommunication installations which are the end point of a subscriber line. They allow secure installation and routing of optical fiber. They enable quick connection of subscriber to the network (ONT), without the need of multiple presence of installer.

NODCO ® is a product belonging to the family of fiber optic outlets, called sockets, which are the end point of the access line in the FTTH telecommunications network installation. The basic functions of the wall mounted fiber optic outlets are to enable quick connection of the terminal device (ONT) at the subscriber’s premises to the operator’s network and protection against mechanical damage. NODCO ® goes beyond this framework, and the feature that distinguishes it from other subscriber sockets is its broadly understood multi-tasking capability.

NODCO ® provides network continuity by connecting a subscriber in a given location (office, home) to multiple devices simultaneously (routers, set top boxes, printers, etc.). It serves as a network extension point on several floors of a building. Its design allows for more installations, providing a real competitive advantage in the growing FTTH market.

In addition to its business-relevant features (time and cost savings) and contractor-relevant features (convenient installation), NODCO ® represents the value. Its compact size and modern, minimalist design affect the aesthetics of the place, becoming an invisible element of any home or office.


NODCO ®’s Distinctive Features

Distinctive Multi-Tasking Capabilities

NODCO ® stands out in the world of fiber optic connectivity due to its remarkable multi-tasking capabilities, offering a range of functions that empower both telecommunications operators and end-users. Here’s how it excels:

  • Seamless Connectivity: NODCO® isn’t just about being online, it’s about being seamlessly connected to multiple devices simultaneously.
  • Dynamic Connectivity Hub: Transforming from a simple fiber optic outlet into a dynamic connectivity hub, NODCO® enhances the concept of connectivity itself.

Quick Connection and Mechanical Damage Protection

What truly sets NODCO ® apart is its extraordinary ability to connect terminal devices swiftly and provide robust protection against mechanical damage. Here’s how it goes beyond the basics:

  • Swift and Secure Connection: NODCO ® not only connects quickly but also ensures the connection process is secure, streamlining installation.
  • Flexible Design: With the option to insert fiber cables from either side of the optic outlet, NODCO® enhances flexibility and installation convenience.
  • Network Enhancement: Dedicated spaces for mounting PLC optical couplers and DAC subscriber cable entries empower users to split signals and create efficient networks across multiple floors of a building.

In essence, NODCO® is an advanced solution that combines efficiency, versatility, and security to redefine the way we experience connectivity. Its evolution from a simple subscriber socket to a dynamic connectivity solution reflects FCA’s commitment to innovation and enhancing our digital world experience.

Why NODCO ® Stands Out from Other Subscriber Terminals

In a market a wide variety of subscriber terminals, NODCO® emerges as a true game-changer, offering a host of unique features and benefits that elevate it above its counterparts. Here’s why NODCO® stands out:

  • Multi-Functionality: Unlike conventional fiber optic outlets, NODCO® is not limited to being just a termination point. It’s a dynamic connectivity hub that serves various purposes in one compact unit.
  • Quick Installation: NODCO® simplifies the installation process. Its flexible configuration allows fiber cables to be inserted from either side, eliminating the need for multiple product variants.
  • Extensive Connectivity: With the ability to connect up to 4 devices simultaneously, NODCO® optimizes connectivity within a given location, ensuring efficient network sharing for both business and home needs.

Compared to other wall mounted fiber optic outlets, NODCO® doesn’t just stand out – it outperforms other subscriber sockets in significant ways:

  • Space Optimization: NODCO®‘s design is compact and minimalist, contributing to the aesthetics of any environment where it’s installed.
  • Versatility: The unique parameters of NODCO® make it suitable for residential and business FTTH network installations, offering versatility and practicality.
  • Superior Signal Division: While most fiber outlets lack signal division capabilities, NODCO® allows for the splitting of signals and the creation of networks across multiple floors of buildings.

In a landscape where innovation is essential, NODCO® sets new standards by offering features that redefine the subscriber terminal experience. Its ability to merge multi-functionality, quick installation, and robust connectivity into a single unit showcases FCA’s dedication to staying ahead in the evolving world of telecommunications.


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