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The Olisipo Submarine Cable System by EllaLink

Olisipo Submarine Cable System

Submarine fiber cables were a game changer when they first started to be deployed in 1988 as TAT-8 with a speed of 280Mbits/s.

According to NEC: “The world’s highest capacity cable is currently Google’s 6,400km 12 fiber-pair Dunant system, connecting Virginia to France. At 250Tbps, it is about to be overtaken by the search giant’s own 340Tbps UK-US Grace Hopper cable”.

Submarine cables are the way to connect different continents and countries in the most effective way. They allow multiple services, from very high-speed financial services to high-volume data transmission.

With the Olisipo Submarine Cable System by EllaLink, Portugal is on the path of becoming a huge European player with the submarine cables that arrive and leave its shores. 

With that and with the Start Campus Data center project, Portugal keeps scaling the delivery of information throughout the world.

To know more about this subject and projects, we strongly recommend you read the article by EllaLink itself: The Olisipo Submarine Cable System.

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