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Meet Kas Metal Elektronik: Solutions for Arranging Life of Cables

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About KAS Metal Elektronik

KAS Metal Elektronik is a manufacturer of wall-mount and free-standing rack cabinets, rack accessories for cable and open areas management, fiber optic patch panels and termination boxes.

Launched in 2008 in Eskişehir, Turkey, it started with only a press machine, producing perforated doors. Nowadays it counts with a talented team and the latest CNC machines.
The machines used in the manufacturing process by KAS Metal are laser cutting machine, turret punch, bending, eccentric and hydraulic presses together with gas welding machine. The final products are also painted in the electrostatic paint room and meet all international standard criteria.

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KAS Metal Elektronik also produces electric and construction panels, metal boxes, kiosk panels and various laser cut designs under the brand name Kastap.


To provide quality at competitive prices. Delivering on time is one of their main policies.


In what comes to its vision, the company is constantly increasing production speed and wants to keep improving itself for the satisfaction of its customers.

Focus products of KAS Metal Elektronik

The Turkish Partner counts with categories like rack cabinet, cable accessories and open areas management and fiber optic termination.

Its cabinet accessories help to organize and manage cables in the rack cabinets where data is stored. Therefore, 19 ” fiber-optic and wall type patch panels are among the essential products in the era of communications. Moreover, Kas Metal also outsources the production of cabinets to leading companies in this sector like Lande, Canovate, and Inform.
It offers a guarantee of up to 24 months on all products.

wall mount rack Kas Metal

19′ Wall Mount Rack Cabinet – DVR Cabinet

network cabinet

19′ 42U Network Cabinet Floor Standing

port cat

1U 24 Port Cat 6 Patch Panel

What are the main benefits of getting Kas Metal Elektronik products?

By getting products from the Turkish manufacturer, you can count with:

  • Protection of devices and cables from heat damage, thus increasing safety and security and reduced possibility of fires.
  • Protected devices and cables and prevention of unauthorized interference.
  • Easily adaptable and suitable esthetical products to use.
  • Easier access process for maintenance, check and update operations.
  • Products that can be shipped are dissembled.
  • Environment-Friendly Products: RoHS compliance %100 Recyclable Material.

Why did Kas Metal Elektronik decide to make a partnership with Twoosk?

The brand joined Twoosk with the goal of growing their sales volume, getting cooperation to meet customer needs, increasing brand awareness and reaching the target audience.

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