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New Partnership: Canovate Electronics on Twoosk

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Twoosk marketplace counts now with Canovate Electronics as a new telecom equipment provider. Canovate will now have access to complementary sales channel focused in promoting their products to other companies who are struggling to get them.

About Canovate Electronics

Canovate Electronics is a leading global provider of data centers and their components and an end-to-end integrator of fiber optic infrastructure including FTTx technology and structured cabling.

Founded in 1979, Canovate Electronics has made heavy investments in R&D in order to place itself at the forefront of the Digital Transformation era, with cutting-edge innovations and Canovate-patented products, where 60% of its production is exported to 72 countries.

According to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Canovate Group, Mr. Can Gür, “Knowledge” is the most valuable asset in the developing world and describes his vision: “In the 15 years from 2001 to 2016, we invested over $20 million in R&D. As Canovate Electronics, we continue to allocate resources to R&D over an average of US $1.5 million each year, and we aim to keep our steady growth in innovation for the future without sacrificing from quality.”

The company efforts resulted in a position on the top 10 global companies considering quality, technology and product portfolio for the main two product categories: Data Center and end-to-end Fiber Optic solutions.

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Elevating companies to the next level

With more than 40 years’ experience and a spirit of innovation, Canovate Electronics as a technology integrator and data center company, has the know-how and resources to elevate organizations to the next level in its digital transformation, with products developed according to international standards to provide end-to-end technology solutions.

Social Responsibility and Sustainable Business Practices

Canovate is committed in developing products that promote collaboration and communication of information, used to power businesses and to modernize governments, support education, and foster economic development and also contributes in a positive way to issues that affect the sustainability and health of its business and society.

The company shares the idea that “if it can be connected to the Internet, it can be green.”

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Focus areas

Canovate Electronics provides and manufactures innovative, environmentally friendly, sustainable solutions delivering both standard and customized solutions to meet clients’ needs in the most cost-effective way. Canovate offers:

  • Data Center solutions

    Maxi-, Mini-, Micro-, and Mobile-Data Center Solutions, Cooling Systems, Power Solutions, Monitoring Systems, Security and Safety, and more.

    All of data centers are modular and scalable, maximizing ROI, minimizing CapEx, and future proofing your investments.

  • Fiber Optic Infrastructure

    Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) solutions, High Density Smart ODF, Fiber Tree Systems and Solutions, Fiber Patch Panels, and Last Mile Solutions including FTTx and FTTH technologies.
  • Structured Cabling

    Copper and Fiber solutions.

  • Racks and Cabinets

    Floor Standing Rack Cabinets, Wallmount Solutions, Outdoor Solutions, Power Distribution Units, and Accessories.

On Twoosk marketplace you can find Canovate Electronics products here.

New 5G Portfolio in 2020

In June 2020, Canovate has launched its new 5G solutions product portfolio for most demanding environments and applications. It includes energy efficient and deployment ready DC power outdoor cabinets with remote monitoring capabilities and energy-saving cooling options, which is the most critical factor while designing a 5G cell tower network.

This new portfolio of products was designed with all custom-made solutions to enable that the most difficult and critical tasks are developed in the most efficient way.

The importance of the online business to Canovate

As a company that is known by being in the forefront of the Digital Transformation era, Canovate knows that the competition has been getting stronger in the B2B business and to remain a strong competitor in the market is a must to invest in the online business.

By knowing the benefits of digital, Canovate also points out 2 main reasons to include online activities on their strategy:

Online for Brand Awareness and Visibility

All consumers are gathering information before making a major purchase so, brand awareness and product visibility on the internet are important to Canovate since it helps to provide detailed and accurate product information to shoppers.

Ecommerce as a New Sales Channel

Besides the traditional sales channels, Canovates shares that showcasing in online marketplaces is crucial to be displayed next to their competitors.

Canovate aims to take place in niche and vertical marketplaces and position these platforms as new sales/distribution channels as enablers of growing of online sales.

Why Canovate chose Twoosk as a new Partner?

“The world of online sales is taking a new direction with the change of the consumer behavior, the rise of cross-border trade and increasing number of online sales channels. As a result, Canovate has been taking online business very seriously and investing in its online distribution channels. Canovate is in the B2B business, so creating a solid marketplace strategy has been the most critical start while expanding globally and growing our customer base.

Since Canovate is a global manufacturer of Data Centers, Fiber Infrastructure Products and Server Rack Cabinets, we have been looking for a niche and global partner like Twoosk. Vertical marketplaces cater to an audience that is specific and they allow brands to extend their product offerings into international markets. This is the reason why we have decided to partner with Twoosk, and we believe that Twoosk will help us build our reach, drive sales, and access new customer segments through the world.”

– Erdem Günay, Canovate CMO

Visit now Twoosk marketplace and see Canovate Electronics products here.

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