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Meet Gamm-Bud: a Partner with Quality and Modern Technology

Gamm-Bud now at Twoosk

About Gamm-Bud

Founded in 1992, Gamm-Bud is a polish producer of innovative equipment and a leading seller of products in the telecommunication sector (Blue Dragon Jet), as well as water and sewage industry (Green Dragon Products). Gamm-Bud develops its own, modern technologies, responding to the needs of those industries and adjusting them to optimize their functionality.
The company’s goal is to comprehensively provide the necessary tools and machines for telecommunications network construction in accordance with the requirements and restrictions in various countries. Their production of machinery and equipment has already reached more than 34 countries in the world, gaining recognition and trust of customers.
Gamm-Bud designs, produces and supplies Blue Dragon Jet equipment for the needs of telecommunication sector.

Main Benefits

Gamm-Bud believes that modern technologies and high-quality products can have a real impact on the efficiency, quality and comfort of work. They are leaders in innovative solutions.

To achieve that, this company is supplies products with:

  • High level of services
  • Designed with efficiency
  • Focused on quality
  • Comfortable for telcos and technicians


For Gamm-Bud, the quality of products and services is a priority.

Since 2001, this company has had a Quality Management System. Current certificate in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 with the number 200777/A/0001/UK/Po.

Gamm-Bud also provides a standard 12-month guarantee for the equipment they provide, training and service throughout the country and abroad. For blowing machines they offer a 36-month guarantee.

Most Relevant Products

Gamm-Bud provides a wide portfolio of products under the Blue Dragon Jet Brand. Some of these are:

Cable blowing machine BDJ Extended Gamm-Bud

The Cable blowing machine BDJ Extended

gamm-bud tripod

The Tripod for cable blowing unit

gamm-bud cable blowing machine

The Cable blowing machine BDJ Budget

The Partnership

Gamm-Bud and Blue Dragon Jet products have an established position and are known in Poland and many others foreign markets. With Twoosk, Gamm-Bud wants to strengthen the recognition of their company and brand, and expand their presence in European countries.

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