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Meet Cablescom: Twoosk Marketplace Partner

The data communication cable manufacturer – Cablescom – is a supplier of telecom products available in the specialized marketplace.

Since 2019 that Cablescom is a Partner in Twoosk’s marketplace and it is benefiting from a complementary sales channel that allows the company to reach new customers across Europe.

About Cablescom

Cablescom Anniversary Banner

Cables de Comunicaciones Zaragoza also known as Cablescom, was founded in 1971. Since the beginning of its times, Cablescom has contributed to the development and extent of the telecommunications infrastructures, resulting in a respected reputation as a data communications cable manufacturer.

Although being more focused on fiber cables, it is now considered one of the main European companies dedicated to the design, manufacturing and sales of copper, fiber optic telecommunications and signaling cables.

Cablescom develops its activity in Zaragoza, in the Malpica industrial park, over an area of 77,000 m2, which includes a production plant, offices and warehouses.

The Hengtong Group

Cablescom is part of the Hengtong Group, a state-owned innovation enterprise that specializes in diverse fields of activity, such as fiber optic and energy network, as well as network construction and operation, financial services, capital investment, industrial Internet, cultural and tourism ownership.

Being part of this Group has great benefits for both parties. In-group fiber optic raw materials are guaranteed, which is important in case of shortage in the market.

Besides that, having shareholders related to the cables sector is a proof of long-term business goals which gives Cablescom stability to keep working hard and improving operations.

What characterizes Cablescom

The Spanish company has five values which guide their strategy and operations:

The company is also actively involved in different social institutions of the region, allowing an effective and sustainable development.

Cablescom Test Laboratory

Cablescom benefits from its own laboratory to guarantee the commitment in the quality improvement of processes and customer relationships, implementing three main lines of business to achieve its goals.

The laboratory has several acting areas:

  • Search for new materials

The company is continuously seeking for new materials that, comply with its material specifications, customer requirements and RoHs and REACH regulations, contributing to further improvements and innovative solutions for its products.

All its suppliers work according to high quality standards and are certified both in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

  • Certificates of new cables

The Spanish company in collaboration with the Engineering Department and with the customer, participates in the certification process of new cables since the prototype phase.

In the laboratory, they can perform the majority of the tests required by standards, which makes it possible to offer to clients an integral service and a great technical support.

  • Tracking and manufacturing support

Cablescom contributes to efficiency and excellence of its products by setting three performance guidelines that are the technical support and training of the production plant staff, the control of the productive processes and the measurement of equipment calibration.

What are the focus products of Cablescom?

Cablescom has a wide range of cable products but it is mainly focused on fiber optic cables. The cables are certified according to the standards of the leading telecom operators in many of European countries and worldwide.

12FO (2×6) Indoor/ Outdoor Loose Tube Fiber Optic Cable G.652.D LSZH Rodent Protection

24FO (6×4) ADSS – Aerial Loose Tube Fiber Optic Cable SM G.652.D Ballistic protection

1FO (1×1) Drop Flex Tube Fiber Optic Cable SM G.657.A2 LSZH Ivory

Now you can find high quality equipment manufactured by Cablescom on Twoosk. Check its products here.

Why did Cablescom decide to make a partnership with Twoosk?

“We consider Twoosk as the best Marketplace in the market for telecom products since its presence in Europe is steadily increasing. For CablesCom is beneficial to share a common virtual space with the major players on the market.
We believe that with our partnership we will be able to increase the rotation of our stock by increasing our online presence.”

–  Cablescom

What are the main benefits of buying Cablescom products?

The company’s products offer good prices, fast deliveries, and high quality.

One of the fundamental quality pillars of products is based on their behavior against fire since these products are used in constructions where safety is essential. For that reason, all Cablescom cables are certified with one of the most important certifications, the European Construction Products Regulation (CPR).

In addition, Cablescom is also prepared to customize products according to customer needs.

Visit Twoosk marketplace and learn more about Cablescom’s products here.

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