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Fiber optic products manufacturers in Europe you should definitely know

fiber optic products manufacturers

The fiber optics market is gaining share each day and becoming more relevant than ever in our personal and professional lives. It hugely facilitates and accelerates data transmission and is quickly replacing other cabling options since it provides much better performance with higher bandwidth. As a player in this area, this is definitely a must-go in order to get great projects from operators. The question is which fiber optic products manufacturers to choose from? Well, we gathered a selection of the top 17 you should consider in your purchasing strategy. The good news? You can find the equipment of most of these brands at Twoosk Specialized Marketplace in Telecommunications

17 fiber optic products manufacturers to consider for your telecom projects:


As a global network infrastructure provider company, CommScope designs and manufactures a variety of network infrastructure products. It has four business segments: Home Networks, Broadband Networks, Venue and Campus Networks, and Outdoor Wireless Networks.

Prysmian Group

Prysmian is one of the world’s largest producers of telecom cables, delivering optical fiber, optical and copper cabling solutions. The company is at the heart of many of the planet’s leading telecom operators. Advances in tech solutions and innovation for broadband, alongside the continuing successes of its three business units –Telecom Solutions, Optical Fibre and Multimedia – are creating opportunities for new growth, connections and enhancements to living and working everywhere.


OPTOMER is a rapidly growing company with over twenty years of experience in the telecommunications market, specializing in fiber optic technology. As a representative of the Swiss company DIAMOND, which works in high-performance optical components production, OPTOMER provides innovative solutions, modern technology and comprehensive technical support.


Cablescom is one of the main European companies dedicated to the design, manufacturing and sales of copper and fiber optic telecommunications and signalling cables. It also offers quality management, logistics, and laboratory services. The company serves the construction, industrial equipment, automation, railway infrastructure, and general transports sectors.

Dätwyler Cables GmbH

Datwyler is focusing on high-quality, system-critical elastomer components and has leading positions in attractive global markets such as healthcare, mobility, oil & gas and food & beverage. With its recognized core competencies and technological leadership, the company delivers added value to customers in the markets served.

Kabelovna Děčín Podmokly, s.r.o. (KDP)

Kabelovna Děčín Podmokly, s.r.o. has traditionally been ranked amongst the renowned European cable manufacturers, but thanks to massive investments from recent years, the company has become one of the European fiber optic products manufacturers who possess the latest technologies. Copper cables with skin-foam-skin core insulation, with the core of the cable filled with special water-repellent material, cables with layered casing and optical cables with multimode and single-mode fibers: these are the types of technology through which it now responds to the ever-growing needs of customers.

Canovate Elektronik

Canovate Electronics is a provider of IT and telecom infrastructure technologies. As an end-to-end systems manufacturer, Canovate Electronics provides industrial enclosures, server cabinets, fiber optic connectivity and data center products. Canovate Group product lines range from Fiber Optic Connectivity to Data Centers Solutions and from Rack Cabinets to Intelligent Power Distribution Units.

Mikrolink Fiber

Mikrolink is a global telecom products supplier and has been helping its customers prepare for the 5G era. It has successfully built one of the first commercial 5G networks in the Middle East. And now, it is transferring its know-how on a global scale, starting from Europe to the rest of the world.

Senko Advanced Components

Senko Advanced Components is recognized as one of the industry’s specialists in passive fiber optics interconnect and optical components. The company has a high manufacturing capacity in CNC machining, injection molding, and component assembly. To date, SENKO has 46 awarded patents, with more than twenty-five pending ones. Senko Advanced Components develops, manufactures, markets and distributes over 1000 fiber optic products for the telecom and datacom industries worldwide.


SAMM Technology is a Turkish company that offers telecommunication passive equipment and one of the most recognized fiber optic products manufacturers. It designs and manufactures a wide variety of fiber optic cable types optimized for fixed or mobile networks that can be used in indoor and outdoor environments. SAMM works, for instance, with Fusion Splicing technology that means securely connecting two optical fiber cables by heating their core end faces and pushing them together to fuse them as a spliced single fiber that can transfer light signal with near-zero loss at the splicing point.


STL offers fully 5G-ready digital network solutions that help telcos, cloud companies, citizen networks and large enterprises deliver enhanced experiences to their customers. STL provides integrated 5G ready end-to-end solutions ranging from wired to wireless, design to deployment, connectivity to compute through core capabilities in Optical Interconnect, Virtualised Access Solutions, Network Software and System Integration. STL has a strong global presence with next-gen optical preform, fiber, cable and interconnect subsystem manufacturing facilities across the world.


Corning is a multinational technology company that specializes in advanced optics, primarily for industrial and scientific applications. Corning’s innovative wireless solutions platform can provide more than 100,000 people all the bandwidth they need at the same time. It also integrates security systems, concessions, and even scoreboards onto the same fast fiber optic system.


FIBRAIN Group is a Polish manufacturer in the field of ICT systems, fiber optic telecommunications and FTTH solutions. FIBRAIN has four modern centers situated in Poland which deal with, among others, the manufacture of components and fiber optic cables using advanced engineering solutions. Automatic stripers, lasers, polishing machines and state-of-the-art measurement equipment guarantee the highest quality of all manufactured components.

Lapp Group

LAPP designs, manufactures and supplies industrial cable and cable accessories. Its wide product range consists of control cables, data cables, highly flexible cables, cable glands, connectors and more – so, it’s one more fiber optic products manufacturers to explore. Its offering includes electrical and fiber optic cables, industrial plug-in and screw connectors, cabling solutions, automation technology and technical accessories.


R&M (Reichle & De-Massari AG) is a global cabling and connectivity solution provider for high end-communication networks, working in the market since 1964. R&M serves a wide range of industries in the sectors of Local Area Networks, Data Centers and Public Networks. R&M offers modern FTTX infrastructure solutions for global communication networks as well as LAN solutions with a single structured solution that makes it easy to maintain your cabling infrastructure, whether the site is an office, building, apartment, a bigger installation – or even a ship.


Rosenberger is one of the worldwide suppliers of controlled impedance and optical connectivity solutions, system components for mobile communications networks, data centers and test & measurement and high voltage contact systems.


NBG develops and produces state-of-the-art fiber optics solutions, from Fiber In Metal Tubes (FIMT), fiber optic sensing applications with custom DAS and FBG technologies to customized fiber optic connectivity solutions. The field of operations ranges from industries like oil & gas, telecommunications, security, structural health, rails, roads, dams, FTTx and many more.

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