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Meet Teleste: Twoosk Marketplace Partner

Teleste Twoosk Partner

Since 2019 that Teleste is a Twoosk Partner, supplying products and solutions for access networks.
Among several reasons, Teleste chose to partner with Twoosk with the goal of getting new customers and more business opportunities.

About Teleste

Teleste is an international technology group that offers an integrated product and service portfolio that makes it possible to build and run a better networked society.

Born in 1954, Teleste has headquarters in Finland and manufacturing facilities in China and Finland.
It has been transforming customers’ needs and technology into opportunities to make a better world,
being founded on two principles:

– Customer centricity;

– And quality.

Customer centricity

Teleste makes sure that its main products are developed in collaboration with its customers, offering solutions that solve its problems and lead them to success.

For example, in 1970, people in the Bothnia region of Finland wanted to watch TV broadcasts from Sweden. That’s when Teleste developed the first joint antenna systems for the region and thus moved towards cable TV systems together with the customers.


In what comes to quality, the company always respond to customer needs with the highest quality products, enabling its growth.

Teleste uses as example of its quality, the SOF platform fibre optics. This equipment was accepted to the European Laboratory of Particle Physics CERN and the project was completed in co-operation with the company’s key customer Rediffusion (UPC/Cablecom).

Nowadays, the company also includes on its values respect, result orientation and changed quality to reliability.

With solid industry experience and a drive for continuous learning, Teleste manufactures high quality products that make everyday life easier to its customers and that bring security to individual people and societies around the world.

The Finnish company has as vision to become the best partner for its customers, for building the networked society.

Digitalization and technological developments in Teleste

Digitalization and technological developments in Teleste

Due to the digitalization of society and the increase of technological developments, that new services and technologies like IoT are gaining ground, requiring higher levels of connectivity.

Teleste technologies ensure multi-gigabit connectivity and networks evolving in pace with the demands for more capacity and more reliable, high-quality services. In addition, the company’s smart solutions provide tools for building increasingly intelligent and efficient infrastructures helping create safe and smooth living environments for people.

The Importance of 10G for the future business

Still on the wave of new technologies, the company shares that: “10G has become the cable industry’s promise towards consumers, and a marketing tool against full fibre and wireless alternatives. Naturally, the industry is studying how future networks could reach speeds that make at least marketers happy. However, the target may have led companies to look for access network alternatives forgetting one of the biggest strengths of cable industry, pragmatism.

We claim that a delicate balance between promises and pragmatism can be reached when cable operators move towards 1.8 GHz access networks.”

Sustainability in Teleste

Teleste proudly shares that the carbon footprint of its own operations are low. As a company that impacts the society in many positive ways, sustainability and corporate responsibility is at the core of the company’s work and is reflected on its mission, vision and strategy.

For that reason, Teleste has been awarded with the silver medal in the ECOVADIS business sustainability rating.  This rating evaluates and provides feedback for future development in labour and human rights, ethics, sustainable procurement and the environment.


What are the focus products of Teleste?

Teleste has a wide portfolio of products focused on RF amplifiers and Passives, RPD and Optical Nodes. Now you can find these products available on Twoosk.

Coaxial Jumper Cable Class A+ IEC Ma ST to IEC Fe ST BL 1.5m

2-Way Outdoor Coaxial Tap 1.2 GHz Regal Style 

1,2 GHz Amplifier 65 VAC with bypass 

Check all Teleste products here.

Why did Teleste decide to make a partnership with Twoosk?

It is complementary channel sales will allow us to reach new customers, new contacts and potential business opportunities in countries where we would like to grow.

– Teleste

What are the main benefits of buying Teleste products?

As an experienced manufacturer for several decades, Teleste has been providing equipment for access networks, being well known for tenacious Finnish engineering skills, aiming to always exceed customer expectations.

Teleste is a dedicated company to its customers, having as basis of its existence, the customers satisfaction.

Visit now Twoosk marketplace and learn more about Teleste’s products here.

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