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New Partner on Twoosk: SAMM Teknoloji

New Partner on Twoosk: SAMM Teknoloji

Twoosk marketplace counts now with a new Partner: SAMM Teknoloji.
The Turkish manufacturer is now providing telecom products to Twoosk, gaining access to a complementary sales channel that allows the company to reach new customers across Europe.

Welcome SAMM Teknoloji!

About SAMM Teknoloji

SAMM Teknoloji is a Turkish company founded by 4 enginners, that offers products and solutions to the telecommunication, information and construction sectors. It produces solutions that provide added value especially for telecommunication, informatics and heating projects with its R&D solutions.

Since 2003 that the company is a fiber optic products manufacturer, with a team of 260 employees, that includes 45 engineers.

SAMM teknoloji is among the first Turkish companies established as an expert in the Telecom business sector known as “Connectivity Solutions: interconnection passive equipment”.

In 2018, SAMM started producing fiber optic cables and became the leading company in the field of “special purpose fiber optic cables”, achieving an annual production capacity of 70,000 km of fiber optic cables.

SAMM Story
SAMM story

At the end of 2019, SAMM has acquired 8 patents, 3 utility models, 1 product design certificate, hundreds of product designs and additional desktop and mobile software.

The company has got two production facilities and two branch offices in Turkey and an associate company in Germany.

At these fully equipped production facilities and with the help of its laboratories and its long-term expertise in fiber optics, they are able to produce first class fiber optic cable solutions and end-to-end solutions for Data Center.

SAMM Cables Production
SAMM cables developments

The main goal of SAMM Teknoloji is achieving reliable and cost-effective products, which is reflected on its Vision and Mission. 

SAMM vison and mission

What are the focus products of SAMM Teknoloji?

SAMM Products Banner

As a fiber optics products manufacturer, SAMM develops from fiber optic cables to end-to-end solutions for Data Center.

The company produces Fiber Optic Cables (Loose & Tight Buffer), Datacenter Products, MTP Assemblies, Fanout Assemblies, Universal Assemblies, Fiber Optic Pigtails, Fiber Optic Patch Cords, Fiber Termination Units (Indoor/Outdoor), Datacenter Cabling Structure and Fiber Optic Acoustic Sensing System (Innovated by SAMM)

Fiber Optic OTDR Launch Box Through Type SM G657.A2 SC/UPC-SC/UPC 1000 meters

Fiber Optic OTDR Launch Box Through Type MM OM3 SC/UPC-SC/UPC 150 meters

Fiber Optic Termination Box DP8 6 SC/APC Simplex SM OS2 G657.A2 Green DIN Rail Series

Check SAMM products available on Twoosk marketplace here.

Why did SAMM Teknoloji decide to make a partnership with Twoosk?

“We would like to expand our business to european market. Twoosk is an international and confidential e-commerce website. Twoosk is a really good opportunity to publish stock and marketing.”

– SAMM Teknoloji

What are the main benefits of buying SAMM Teknoloji products?

As an engineering company, SAMM Teknoloji has the necessary knowledge and expertise to help in delivering solutions that provide added value to customers.

Visit Twoosk marketplace and learn more about SAMM’s Teknoloji products here.

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