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Meet AXING: The Partner Providing Television and Multimedia Distribution Technology


The marketplace is growing every day by receiving new Partners. AXING was one of the last manufacturers joining Twoosk and will be supplying television and multimedia distribution equipment.


Based in Switzerland, AXING is a manufacturer of high-quality television and multimedia distribution technology.

It partners with many cable network providers, city carriers, broadcasters, housing industry and hospitality sector professionals, offering innovative and future-proof solutions in combination with an excellent and reliable service.

Regarding AXING Group, it develops different activities along with several of its companies:

– AXING Engineering GmbH is in charge of Product development and testing tasks for quality assurance.

– AXING Asia Ltd. in Hong Kong takes care of business in the Asian area.

– RF Tuote Oy in Salo, Finland, develops and produces AXING headends.

– For the Middle East, customer support is provided by AXING Middle East in Dubai.

Later, DEV Systemtechnik GmbH a supplier of signal routing systems for satellite earth stations, broadcasters, and cable network operators, joined AXING Group, in June 2017. However, the solutions for RF signal transmission via coaxial and fiber optic networks (HFC) are developed and manufactured in-house.

The Swiss company and DEV have developed and implemented future-proof and competitive end-to-end solutions as an alternative to FTTH – for data, TV, radio and telephony, from signal supply to in-house distribution.

AXING’s goal is to develop products with low power consumption and maximum efficiency. Besides that, it also opts by only using recyclable and single-material packaging.

What are the focus products of AXING?

You can expect a wide range of:

– DVB Headends, IPTV streaming and middleware for hospitality sector and network operators

– Cable TV and Multimedia / DOCSIS distribution products like amplifiers, wall sockets

– Satellite TV reception and distribution accessories

– Hybrid Fiber Coaxial networks (HFC)

– Ethernet over Coax, CMTS and Remote-MAC-PHY solutions

DVB headend CI MK00806

DVB headend CI MK00806

DVB headend CI MK01606

DVB headend CI MK01606

DVB headend MK00800

DVB headend MK00800

What are the main benefits of buying AXING products?

This manufacturer products have a compact design and offer an easy and simple installation and have great flexibility due to their wide range of products.

Besides that, AXING products are also certified to ISO 9001:2015 since 1998, are class A certified which confirms the shield effectiveness and transfer impedance specified in EN 50083-2, 50117-x und 60966-2-x, and the same certification as an addition resulting from having products with a higher screening factor than required by the respective standard.

The company also offers premium-line antenna sockets that are 4G protected, multiswitches that are switched to stand-by as soon as no more subscriber is active and is listed at “Vodafone Kabel Deutschland”, Germany’s leading cable network operator.

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