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Meet the Partner with Active Devices for HFC Networks: COMTECH

Comtech at Twoosk


With 30 years’ experience in Cable TV technology, COMTECH Ltd. is a middle-sized Hungarian private property company. With headquarters in Győr, Hungary, this company develops and manufactures optical and broadband telecommunication devices.

COMTECH portfolio covers all the transmission and element management layers of a CATV system with all its needed accessories.

The Hungarian company has also a huge flexibility, supported by the fact that its development, sales, logistics and manufacturing departments are placed in Győr, at the North-Western border of the country.

COMTECH is also a trusted partner of more hundred service providers worldwide and offers quality products certified by ISO 9001. In other hand, its technical awareness is ensured by the SCTE membership.


Comtech Story

What are the focus products of COMTECH

Focused on Active devices for HFC networks, the company manufactures equipment like Headend, Optical transmitters, Optical receivers, Signal management, Gateway – monitoring, Optical nodes, Broadband amplifiers, Optical passives, 3rd party products (Cisco, Teleste, Kathrein, etc.) and modules – Handheld terminal Diplex Filters, Attenuators, Equalizers and more recently, FTTB solutions.

What are the main benefits of buying COMTECH products?

With many years of experience in in cable TV industry, COMTECH knows exactly the pain points of customers, offering professional products completely thinking on its user. For that reason, the company works together with partners to achieve best solutions that count with outstanding technical parameters in all of its products.

Why did COMTECH decide to make a partnership with Twoosk?

We believe what Twoosk represents – saving time therefore money for companies, and Comtech wants to be a partner in that with our experience and with our reliable products.

– Advantages – instead of field sales work (business meetings, travels) – easy way to reach potential customers

– Web shop – we don’t have it

– Win-win if we can find new customers through Twoosk

-New markets/customers – for us it’s hard to reach without Twoosk.

Visit now Twoosk marketplace and check COMTECH products here.

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