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New Partner on Twoosk Marketplace: CommScope


CommScope joined Twoosk marketplace as a new telecom equipment provider, through the Overstocks Business. By partnering up with the OS Business Services, CommScope gains a complementary sales channel focused in promoting the long tail products to other companies who are struggling to get them. CommScope products win a new life,  avoiding the waste of resources while contributing for circular economy.

About Commscope 

“At CommScope we push the boundaries of communications technology to create the world’s most advanced networks. Across the globe, our people and solutions are redefining connectivity, solving today’s challenges and driving the innovation that will meet the needs of what’s next.” Source: CommScope

The Values 

See now below the main Values according to CommScope:

“Act with integrity

Our integrity is our moral compass, our core belief in doing the right thing. We find purpose and success through our uncompromising commitment toward our customers, partners and each other. We demonstrate candor, trust, respect, authenticity, honesty and accountability in everything we do.

Innovate for customer success

Our customers look to us as enablers of their success. We innovate with their needs in mind. Our end-to-end network expertise and commitment to our promises build the trust that drives deeper engagement and secures our ongoing success.

Continuously improve

Challenge the status quo! 

A meticulous pursuit of betterment sets us apart by making decisions faster, responding to our customers quicker and being more opportunistic. Embrace challenges, criticism and diversity in thought as the basis for improvement for ourselves, our customers, our communities and our planet.

Win as one team

Always together, never alone. Part of what makes us unique is our diverse set of experiences and perspectives, which provide a uniquely strong support system. Always there for our colleagues, we work together, across borders and boundaries, toward a singular goal—to win.”

Now meets next

With years of experience in the market, CommScope joins on their team different personalities and talents focused to offer the best technologies to connect the world with quality, “anticipating what’s next, to ensure you’re always ahead.”

Focus areas 

CommScope is present in more than 100 countries and has experience in providing innovative, quality and flexible solutions that businesses need. Their main working areas are:

  • Enterprise Networks;
  • 5G Networks;
  • Data Center;
  • Fixed Access Networks;
  • In-home Service Delivery;
  • Large Venues;
  • Managed Network;
  • Professionals Services;
  • Video Processing.

About Twoosk Overstocks Business 

Twoosk OS Business is a solution that connects in a smart and efficient way the excesses of inventory with those companies, who need them fast. It is also providing the best tools to match Partner’s needs, prospering business in a sustainable and transparent way, by bringing a circular economy to the telecom and utilities sectors.

Want to know how to get this complementary sales channel that is expanding the reach of well-known brands directly to Installers? Know more about the OS Business.

Visit now Twoosk marketplace and see CommScope products.

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