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Fiber optic network: All you need to know

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What is fiber optics?

Fiber optics refers to the medium and the technology associated with the transmission of data as light pulses through strands of fiber made of glass over long distances. Optical fibers are approximately the size of human hair and when bundled into a fiber optic cable, it´s the technology that provides businesses and homes with the commonly used telecommunication services such as internet, television and telephones.

What are the benefits of fiber optic? 

Fiber optic cables are used since they hold a number of advantages over copper cables, such as higher bandwidth and transmission speeds. The transfer data rate in the form of light enables speeds faster than those used in traditional electrical cables as they are non-metallic, so are not affected by electromagnetic interference. 

What is a fiber optic network?

Fiber optic networks all start off with optic cables running from a central network hub to a point in your home. Depending on application requirements, different optical network architectures have been developed and standardized.

What are the different types of fiber optic networks?  

FTTx is a generic term used for any broadband network architecture using optical fiber to provide all or part of the local loop.

FTTH means fiber to the home that the cabling terminates at the boundary of the living space in order to reach clients´ homes and business offices.

FTTC stands for fiber to the cabinet/curb, a terminal place, that refers to the pole or cabinet that houses the mounted communications device where coaxial cables or twisted pairs then send the signals from the curb to the client promises.

FTTN known as fiber to the node/neighbourhood or also called fiber to the antenna, allows more efficient delivery of broadband services such as high-speed internet with fewer costs, taking advantages of the current infrastructures.

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