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Meet our Partner, Netram: Supplying Components for your Needs

Netram Partner

About Netram

Netram is a manufacturer and OEM supplier of electronic components that was founded in Germany, Wuppertal, in 1997. Since then, Netram has grown and expanded their products portfolio, from developing their first optical transceivers for fiber optic networks in 2000 to, nowadays, also being a supplier for fiber optic patch cables, splitters and other accessories.

Being specialized in RAM components for network systems since its founding, and also providing products for storage and other fiber optic accessories, Netram works with companies from a variety of industries. With this wide range of products, they can support specific industry requirements and challenges.

Having over 20 years of experience, their focus is on delivering high quality products with durability and reliability. This includes an offer of more than 30.000 system-specific variants to best suit your needs, including new and old industrial equipment, from original manufacturers. Netram praises being consistent in all market cycles, offering long-term support for all types of customers and projects.

Netram’s Benefits

These are some of the main qualities of our partner:

  • The products are designed for 24/7 operation, being durable and reliable.
  • To offer these products, Netram sticks with high quality standards and to the industry standard MSA.
  • They provide a wide range of products, offering variety for different industries and environments. With Netram you will find the right accessories for your projects.
  • Long-term support, partnerships, and supplier relationships, which allow for lasting and stable customer relationships.

Most Relevant Products

On Twoosk Markeplace you’ll be able to find some of Netram’s products, specifically their patch cords and transceivers.

Check all products of Netram available at Twoosk here.

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