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10 reasons to buy telecommunications equipment in a specialized online marketplace

buy telecom equipment in a specialized marketplace

Vertical marketplaces have been gaining pace in the last years and overcoming some doubts that still existed about their effectiveness. The COVID-19 pandemic and the consequent impossibility of doing business in person imposed other alternatives and hugely accelerated these marketplaces’ success. The hands-on experience proved they are a great (even better) option over traditional channels. Telecommunications equipment purchase is an awesome example. Did you know that there is a recognized and specialized online marketplace where you can quickly find the products you need for your projects at the fair prices? Please meet Twoosk 😉

If you are not totally convinced yet, we leave you with 10 bullet-proof reasons to start using it:

1. Get all the telecommunications equipment you need

The specialised marketplace will help you to get all the telecommunications equipment you want in an easy way, by connecting all telecom product suppliers in one single platform.

2. Get an easier purchase process

Benefit from fast deliveries and a simplified purchase process, with no need for time-consuming, inefficient, manual, bureaucratic and never-ending calls and emails – in a marketplace opened 24h/day and 365 days/year just a click away.

3. Find all suppliers in one single place

See all telecommunications equipment from a variety of suppliers, that offer different prices for the same type of products, which will help you to compare them in a fast and reliable way and choose the best ones that fit your requirements and budget.

4. Negotiate with suppliers directly in the marketplace

If you have a big project, negotiating with suppliers is possible by contacting the sellers directly in the marketplace.

5. Safe shopping experience guaranteed

The marketplace is a certified platform by “Trust Ecommerce Europe”, that guarantees a safe shopping experience by using the most well-known payment methods and partnering with the most reliable logistic companies to ensure that delivery times are met.

6. Find products from all technologies

You can find all the products you need, regardless of technology: fiber optics equipment, structured cabling, coaxial equipment, radio frequency products, accessories, active equipment and much, much more! You can search by category or type of product, refining to the most specific description of what you’re looking for, then evaluate prices and vendors to make a quick and informed decision.

7. Everyone wins

Twoosk works closely with buyers to understand the types of telecommunications equipment they are looking for and with sellers to recommend and encourage their availability in the online store – matching interests in a win-win situation.

8. Get a source of valuable information from the industry

Besides, you’ll get a specialized source of information made for the telecom industry, including valuable insights, trends, best practices, tips and how-tos.

9. Save time and money

All of this is translated in two major and unparallel benefits: it saves you a lot of time and money! And you can focus on what really matters: attracting new customers, guarantee their satisfaction, innovate and deliver more projects.

10. Benefit of support from a customer care team

Don’t know how to start? The customer care team is committed to giving you support whenever you need and keeps you updated at every step of the purchasing process.

Twoosk really accelerates your time-to-market because it will be much easier and faster to buy telecommunications equipment – at a fair price. You’ll also have access to datasheets with clear, easy to understand, technical specifications to better choose from different opportunities.

Next step? Create a free account!

You don’t need to be registered to access the marketplace, however by creating an account on Twoosk, you will have access to your private dashboard, where you can see your latest purchases, save your information, get all of our special offers directly in your mailbox and more!

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