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Meet KDP telecom equipment Partner on Twoosk Marketplace

KDP telecom equipment Partner

Do you know KDP? Kabelovna Děčín Podmokly, s.r.o. (KDP), established back in 1910, is one of Twoosk’s marketplace telecom equipment Partners, that has their telecom equipment on the marketplace, available through  Overstocks Business. By partnering up with  OS Business Services, KDP gains a complementary sales channel focused in promoting the long tail products to other companies who are struggling to get them. KDP products win a new life, avoiding the waste of resources while contributing for circular economy.

About KDP

Founded in 1909/1910, KDP started as a branch of the Bergmann cable plants in Berlin, the original name of the company was Rakouské Bergmannovy závody spol. s r.o., Vídeň, továrna Podmokly. This company produced all types of power and communications cables and included projects like electrical equipment and its installation.

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Source: KDP

Over the years, other german companies have invested in KDP until 2007 the cable works were sold to Wilms Grouppe and the company divided into Kabelovna Děčín Podmokly, s.r.o. and KDP Assembly, s.r.o.. With a constant focus on evolution and investment, KDP enlarged their production from fiber to also trunk communication cables which allowed the company to join the elite companies in Europe with the latest technology. This technology allows KDP to meet the specific requirements of customers.

Copper cables with SKIN-FOAM-SKIN core insulation, with the core of the cable filled with special water-repellent material, cables with layered casing and optical cables with multimode and singlemode fibers: these are the standard types of technology through which KDP now responds to the ever-growing needs of customers.

Also, in 2016 it became a member of FTTH Council Europe.

Focus areas

With a great experience in fiber and copper cables, KDP is a renowned European cable manufacturer that helps in finding cables in unusual lengths.

In fiber cables, KDP offers a wide range of cables from Duct to cables for datacenters; and in copper cables they produce cables for Telecommunications, Signal and Installation.

How 2019 went to KDP? Last year the cable manufacturer company produced:

  • 810 129 km of optical fibers;
  • 31 728 km of fiber optical cables;
  • 2 093 550 km of copper pairs;
  • 64 674 km of copper cables.

You will be able to see most of these products at Twoosk marketplace, due to this partnership.

Why KDP joined Twoosk marketplace as a telecom equipment Partner?


“It is a direct channel to  new clients that are looking for distinct lengths. As those lengths usually are not accepted by our customers due to be short, it’s great opportunity to help someone in need of a cable fast and also in unusual lenghts.”


About Twoosk OS Business

Twoosk OS Business is a solution that connects in a smart and efficient way the excesses of inventory with those companies, who need them fast.

It is also providing the best tools to match Partners needs prospering business in a sustainable and transparent way, by bringing a circular economy to the telecom and utilities sectors.

Visit now Twoosk marketplace and discover the products from KDP telecom equipment Partner.

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