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New Partnership: DKT Products on Twoosk

DKT products on Twoosk

Twoosk marketplace counts now with DKT A/S as a new telecom equipment provider. DKT A/S will now have access to complementary sales channel focused in promoting their products to other companies who are struggling to get them.

DKT is now contributing for circular economy by having its products available for new owners and avoiding the waste of resources.

About DKT

Quality Broadband Performance

With a passion for Broadband since 1977, DKT A/S combines engineering and technical expertise, with practical product solutions, to set new standards in the industry.

Under the Comega brand, DKT/AS is the leading supplier of high quality coaxial passives and FTTH Gateways/CPE’s in partnership with the BTV Multimedia Group. Having its own warehouse and inhouse logistic logistics at its headquarters in Denmark,  DKT is also ISO 9001 certified.

DKT’s focus is on high quality products that supports open and interoperable systems and by combining a first mover mentality with their extensive experience, they have developed a mindset for problem solving, and has created game changing products giving a competitive advantage to the customers. Small differences create big impacts.

In fact, in November 2020, DKT and braun teleCOM network components (both companies belong to BTV Multimedia Group) were chosen by Magente Telekom to build their future FTTH projects. Magent Telekom  stated that the components from both companies will enable to create a good future-proof and technology-neutral solution to their networks.

DKT Quality Broadband Performance


DKT develops solutions that make installations as easy as possible and for that, the company focused specifically on interoperability, resilience and reliability.

Interoperability came alive specially with their box solution, consisting of Fiber Termination Units (FTUs) and Gateways, to be compatible with all standard third-party OLTs and independent from third-party routers. A solution that the company considers to be a must for every operator’s future network expansion.

Talking in powerful components for future quality networks, DKT launched in November 2020 a new series of GPON and XGS-PON ONTS, that eases the installation procedure and allowing even end customers to install the equipment themselves.

Focus areas

DKT is a developer and manufacturer of Coaxial passives and 10 Gbps Fiber Gateways.  DKT coaxial offers allows the full upgrade to DOCSIS 3.1.

When upgrading to DOCSIS 3.1, you need to exchange the passive electronic infrastructure to handle higher frequencies. But you also need to align the network to handle a narrower window in the return path-signal level, and to significantly reduce noise to implement an increased modulation index.

On Twoosk marketplace, you can find DKT products here.       

Why DKT joined Twoosk marketplace as a telecom equipment Partner?

“The Broadband industry is moving at a blistering pace and operators are in constant upgrade mode. At the same time, networks of different standards need to operate together and need to be supported. Twoosk offers customers an opportunity to get access to both new and legacy products and with that, the opportunity to prolong the life of their legacy network.”


Visit now Twoosk marketplace and check DKT products here.

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