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New Partnership: OFS Fiber Optic Company on Twoosk

OFS fiber optic company

Twoosk marketplace counts now with OFS as a new telecom equipment provider. OFS fiber optic company will now have access to complementary sales channel focused in promoting their products to other companies who are struggling to get them.

About OFS

OFS is a world-leading designer, manufacturer and provider of optical fiber, fiber optic cable, connectivity, fiber-to-the-subscriber (FTTx) and specially fiber optic products, being part of of Furukawa Electric Company, a multi-billion-dollar corporation committed since 1884 to advancing technology and delivering cutting-edge products for the betterment of society in such areas as communications, energy, automotive and electronics.

OFS banner

Its mission of “Guiding Light for a Better Life”, is shown through its focus on safety, loyalty, customer service and to its dedication to research, that helped to lead the way in pioneering innovative fiber optic solutions for more than a decade.

“We listen to the needs of our customers in order to manufacture the best products for their applications.”


Born from the technological heritage of Bell Labs and Furukawa Electric Company, OFS Laboratories delivers best-in-class research to maintain its technical leadership and to deliver value to customers.

“Innovation through light”

From the beginning of its times that OFS is at the Forefront of Optical fiber Technology.

Scientists at OFS R&D collaborate closely with the company’s customers to create solutions that help transform optical communications and photonics around the globe. OFS PRC leads the development and manufacturing of these innovative solutions bringing them to market.

OFS Labs combines the rich legacy of Bell Labs (winner of 7 Nobel Prizes, 12 Nobel Laureates) with the experience of Furukawa research to form a world-class center of excellence for optical innovations. As an optical research trendsetter, OFS impacts daily life by creating technological advancements for communications, medicine, aviation, defense, sensing and industrial automation. And whether in communities, between cities, across oceans and continents or through “the last mile,” the inventions of OFS Labs make voice, data and image transmission faster, clearer, more reliable and cost-effective.

Since the creation of the photophone by Graham Bell in 1880, OFS Labs creates commercially viable technology breakthroughs that OFS can take to market quickly. In fact, its scientists are credited with inventing many innovative optical fiber technologies, now ubiquitous in the industry, including nonzero dispersion fiber and submarine optical fiber.

Check some of the achievements of this innovative company:

Achievements in 1970

Awarded patents critical to single-mode optical fiber, manufactured and sold first optical fiber and fiber cable – HCS® (hard-Clad Silic) an Optical Fiber.

LC connectors 1995

Invention of LC connectors by Lucent Technologies​.

Achievements 2007

EZ-Bend® Optical Fiber bend insensitive solid-core fiber and
HCXtreme® Optical Fiber for laser delivery in tight bends.

Regarding latest accomplishments, The OFS InvisiLight® optical solutions give partners the opportunity to provide services to customers in a whole different way, ensuring easy and virtually invisible optical fiber installations for indoor living units (ILUs) and multiple dwelling units (MDUs), with a good performance of the network for decades.

OFS Environmental Health and Safety Policy, and Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

OFS is committed in operating in a socially responsible manner by ensuring that the business is conducted in all respects according to rigorous ethical, professional and applicable legal standards including the U.S. antitrust laws and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

In terms of sustainability, the company is committed on reducing its impact on the environment, including factors like contributing to climate change, and to comply with environmental legislation and regulations in the jurisdictions where OFS companies operate.

Besides that, OFS partners up with Sonoco EcoReel, North America’s largest producer and recycler of reels, to provide a free reel removal service for its cable customers.

Focus areas

OFS fiber optic company Labs helps define the course of optical communications by focusing on:

  • Optical Fiber Research
  • Photonics Devices Research
  • Systems Research

You will find one of the best value for latest technology and qualified approved products, with 3 factories in EMEA region consistent to European and particularly customer and industry standards, offering solutions from Optical Fiber, Fiber Optic Cables, Specialty, Connectivity, Fiber Lasers, Fusion Splicers to Components.

As highlighted products to be found in Twoosk marketplace you have the new and higher fiber count MiDia® microcables. These New Generation Cables helps Maximise Fibre Capacity, Cost-Effectiveness and Performance for Metropolitan Fiber Access.

OFS combination of small diameter cables with microduct solutions provides customers with very competitive total cost of build and ownership for their passive networks. OFS has the range of MiDia® FX, GX and HX cables to best suit deployed underground duct networks as well as a range for rodent protected or direct buried with steel armouring if needed.

If these products are from your interest, know that you can find high quality products from OFS available on Twoosk marketplace here.

Benefits of buying OFS fiber optic company products

As a proud leader in the optical fiber market, the company offers competitive market leading performance products, that are approved and extensively tested by many telecom operators, resulting in better networks.

As key benefits for buying their products at Twoosk Marketplace we highlight:

  1. Competitive Market Leading Performance
  2. Central European location for fast delivery
  3. Approved and tested products with many telecom operators

Besides their renowned authority in this sector:

OFS fiber optic company Matrix

Why OFS started a Partnership with Twoosk?

“OFS recognized Twoosk has expertise in addressing market through successful Online platform, especially for Breko segment of German FTTH market where OFS has local manufacturing facility.”


Additionally, the company pioneer in selling fiber optics and fiber optic cables shares that this partnership is an opportunity to move existing stocks, to give exposure to the brand on key markets and to open new doors to get more leads from underserved customers and market segments.

It will also allow OFS to benefit from regional support, Twoosk existing resources and expertise in , allowing to focus on core strength of manufacturing and delivery of products and technology.

Visit now Twoosk marketplace and see OFS products here.

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