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New Partner at the Marketplace: Ensure Advanced PLC Manufacturer

Ensure and Twoosk Partnership

Twoosk welcomes its new Partner: Ensure!

Ensure joined Twoosk marketplace providing premium connectivity solutions. With the access to a complementary sales channel, Ensure will be able to promote its products directly to potential clients all over Europe.

About Ensure

Founded in 2002, Ensure engineers and produces premium connectivity components that help many of the world’s best-known telecom and ISP operators meet the ever-growing demands on optical networks. It makes part of the HH Group enabling the company to work alongside several industry-leading companies.
Ensure has a highly specialized team of engineers and technicians that work every day, to offer innovative solutions, being committed to partnering with customers to build a better and more connected tomorrow.

Committed to 100% recyclable packaging

The manufacturer also works with the goal of leaving its own green footprint. As an innovative company and concerned with its impact in the environment, the company is focused on eco-friendly practices and reducing waste. For that reason, Ensure replaces two commonly-used plastic container types with a CRS4.0 blister box for adapters, PLC splitters, and WDM products, plus a plant based, self-sealing bag for patch cords and pigtails.

Due to a global green initiative by its parent company HH Group, Ensure aims to ship 100% of its products in recyclable packaging by the end of the year.

Ensure Sustainable

The Importance of OEM Assembly in the Business

Doing OEM for the best worldwide companies in this industry helps Ensure to learn better procedures and skills and to keep improving as a global manufacturer.

Advanced PLC manufacturer

Ensure invests heavily in specialized equipment, manufacturing high quality PLC splitters. Its control of the manufacturing process is what sets Ensure apart from other companies, since it counts with an oversight of the entire production chain and an unwavering attention to detail.

The company has also developed complex processes in its own labs, such as plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition, inductively coupled plasma, oxide deposition, UV photo, and ultrasonics.

Ensure has also the possibility of designing and package white-label products for its customers brands.

PLC Products

What are the focus products of Ensure?

Ensure is focused in providing premium connectivity solutions, where are included PLC Splitters, Grade B connectors and WDM.

24FO (1X24) Indoor/Outdoor Loose tube Fiber Optic Cable OS2 G.652.D Anti Rodent LSZH Black

6FO (1X6) Indoor/Outdoor Loose tube Fiber Optic Cable OM4 Anti Rodent LSZH Black

12FO (1X12) Indoor/Outdoor Loose tube Fiber Optic Cable OM3 Anti Rodent LSZH Black

Now you can find Ensure solutions at Twoosk marketplace. Check the company’s products here.

What are the main benefits of buying Ensure products?

As one of the biggest companies (Group) in the optical connectivity industry in China, Ensure counts with 1.400 workers in different factories along China. It has a huge capacity and great reputation in the market for many years, helping main operators and ISP´s around the world such as Vodafone, Huawei, Telefonica, Cityfiber, Openfiber, TIM, AT&T, etc.


Why did Ensure decide to make a partnership with Twoosk?

“It is the best way to reach and contact small and medium potential clients in Europe in order to help them with their optical connectivity needs.”

– Ensure

Visit now Twoosk marketplace and check Ensure products here.

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