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Meet Kerpen Datacom: Managing Data in a Easy Way


About Kerpen Datacom

Kerpen Datacom is one of the top 3 providers in this field in Germany. Kerpenwerk was founded in Stolberg in 1919 and taken over by LEONI AG in 2006. Building on these activities, Kerpen Datacom GmbH was established on 01 July 2021, producing and trading in passive data network components, such as copper and fiber optic data cables, RJ45 connectors, patch cables, and data center equipment. Moreover, complete passive cabling systems for superior data rates, reliability, and processing capabilities are provided by them.

The applications of their product range extend from building infrastructures to Industry 4.0. LAN systems in offices, industry, and data centers – all using Ethernet and Internet Protocol (IP) – are converging and transforming the communication landscape. PVC compounds for the cable industry are also produced by Kerpen.

Main Benefits

Kerpen Datacom believes that quality is a major factor to reach system performance and long-term reduced costs. All cables are being manufactured in Germany and the performance of all Megaline and Gigaline systems are being guaranteed.

Here are the main benefits of partnering with this company:

  • Commitment to developing innovative products.
  • Trustworthy consulting services that prioritize safety for people and infrastructure.
  • Complete cabling solutions from a single source, including copper, aluminum, and fiber optic technologies.
  • Halogen-free power cables with optional system integrity.
  • Continuous innovations in safety, environmental compatibility, and energy efficiency.
  • Global presence and local consulting services at all project stages.
  • Decades of project experience and synergistic effects.
  • Forward-looking approach to meeting data networking requirements for both short-term and long-term needs.
  • Safe and innovative copper and fiber optic cables from their own production.
  • Sustainable solutions for structured building cabling in various industries, including data centers and offices.


Quality and environmental protection are important factors for Kerpen.

This company has a Quality Management System. It’s current certificate is in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 with the Certificate Registration numbers: 44100220167, 44104220167 and 44126220167.

The environmental and energy management systems certified to DIN ISO 14001 and DIN ISO 50001 at their sites ensure that their environmental policy is effectively implemented worldwide. With their Green Technology, products are already being developed today for the standard and the world of tomorrow.

Their cables are manufactured in accordance with the REACh regulation and the EU RoHS directive on the restriction of hazardous substances and chemicals.

Most Relevant Products

At Twoosk’s Marketplace, Kerpen Datacom provides a wide portfolio of products. Some of these are:

Why Partner with Twoosk?

Kerpen Datacom supplies passive network systems, like network cables, RJ45 connectors and patch cords. Its main customers are engineering companies, electrical installers, data centers, large companies with in-house data-centers, universities, hospitals, banks and insurance companies.

With Twoosk, Kerpen wants to scale up visibility to their potential customers on a European basis.

Visit Twoosk Marketplace now and check Kerpen Datacom products here.

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