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Multimode Fiber (MMF)

Multimode fiber cable Twoosk

Definition and Specifications 


There are two types of modes used on fiber network: Multimode fiber (MMF) and Single mode fiber (SMF). The major difference between them is related to bandwidth and speed of transmission. The multimode cable is considered a “domestic” fiber cable, because they are used for local-area network, for example they can be used in FTTH. The multimode cable is made of fiberglass and has a common diameter between 50 and 100 microns for the lightweight transport component.

Multimode fiber offers high bandwidth at high speeds over medium distances. Light waves are scattered in many paths or modes because they pass through the heart of the cable, usually at 850 or 1300 nm. However, on long distances (over 900 meters), multiple light paths can cause signal distortion at reception, resulting in unclear and incomplete data transmission.

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