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What is a patch panel and how to choose it

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Patch panel is used to improve the organization of a data center or almost any other environment with lots of equipment. On this article you’ll find out everything you need to know about patch panels.

What is a patch panel?

A patch panel or distribution panel is a passive device with multiple ports in it, that makes the connection between devices easy and organized. On each of that ports, wires make the connection between the patch and other various IT devices such as computer stations, servers, switches, electric or electronic instruments.

This passive device comes with different sizes, with lots of ports or not, according to your needs. 

They can be installed in many different environments just like data centers or communication closets.

Advantages of patch panels

Lots of people ask themselves if the investment in this type of equipment is going to worth but know that despite lots of times going unnoticed, this device is a very important piece of equipment to have because:

  • Since they are typically installed close to the devices, having a patch panel allows you to use shorter cables, which are money savers;
  • You can label cables which will make it easier for technicians when confirming if everything is working as it should;
  • Enables a high density of connections;
  • Make the installation of new devices or cables more flexible, if you need to change something.

When you decide to get a patch panel, start by defining a good plan in order to take the most out of it.

Criteria to choose a patch panel

Since there are lots of different patch panels with different characteristics you should start by thinking:

  • Where you are going to install it. Start by determining where the patch will stay and what will be the necessities of it to have the best performance.
  • How many ports and space will you need?
  • What kind of devices will be connected to patch panel and what kind of cables you’ll need in order to make that connection?

These are some details that will help you to give the best usability to your patch panels.

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