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Best Brands at Twoosk: Find Fiber Patch Cords Suppliers Online

patch cords suppliers

Nowadays, there are multiple patch cords suppliers available online, able to fulfill all telco’s necessities.

Patch cord cables are fiber cables that have connectivity ports on both sides, used to connect to optical terminations in ODF, termination boxes, distribution boxes and so on. This cable comes in different types, so there is an option for the various necessities of a network.

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Purchasing Patch Cords Online

As mentioned, with digitalization, nowadays we can reach multiple patch cord manufacturers suppliers online. Having such availability digitally has lots of benefits not only to the supplier, but also for the client.

The digitalization of telco businesses has brought a different way of purchasing telco products, beyond the traditional ways. Having these products online allows customers to have access to the possibility of buying a product 24/7 and, with it, also the ability to consult needed information about such products in real time.

Overall, purchasing digitally can shorten a lot of time spent in processes associated with the traditional ways of buying. Customers can access products and information about such, at their own time and pace, without having to spend time trying to reach a seller.

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Patch Cords Suppliers

If you’re looking for patch cords and don’t know where to go, here we have a list of patch chords suppliers we recommend:

  • Ensure

Ensure has helped customers exceed expectations with fiber optic network innovations since its founding in 2002. Invested on this purpose, this supplier is present worldwide: in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Oceania (Australia).

Being a manufacturer as well as a supplier, at Twoosk Marketplace Ensure supplies high quality patch cords from their own brand. You can check Ensure’s patch cords here.

  • GW

GW is a portuguese materials and solutions distribution company in the telecommunications sector. Since the beginning of its activity, GW has invested in specialized work, with a solid background and experience in advising effective solutions.

At Twoosk Marketplace, GW supplies high quality patch cords from multiple brands such as Opterna, Senko, HuberSuhner, Optilink, Corning, and so on. You can check GW’s patch cords here.

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